Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Epson Salt Ornaments and Candles

Epson salt makes such beautiful ornaments and candles. Look at these from Thrifty Parsonage Living. Gorgeous!!! (I love the colors too.)
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Scripture Christmas Tree Printable

I love this Christmas scripture tree printable from Betty Crocker Wanna Be. It is perfect to be framed and given as a gift! Print out this Christmas Tree saying.
Check out more great Christmas printables at this Be Different, Act Normal printable round-up (where I discovered this printable.)

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Custom Blog Design by seven thirty three Giveaway!

Hello you wonderful Someday Crafts readers! I'm Kim, visiting from
and I'm here to spread some Holiday Cheer with a little giveaway!
I am offering up a $40 gift certificate to seven thirty three - - - custom blog design.

$40 will get you any combination of items.

For example:

Blog header


Etsy Header
Etsy Button
Business Card Design (printing is up to you)

Ok, there is more combinations, but you get the idea! You also have the option of putting the $40 towards a full custom design. That means you only have to chip in $30 to have a complete makeover! That is less than the cost of a pedicure!

To enter this giveaway you can do any of the following (leave one comment for each entry):

1. Visit my Portfolio and let me know your favorite design

2. Follow Someday Crafts {Michelle is amazing, isn't she?}

3. Follow seven thirty three - - - custom blog design

Good luck ladies!

Oh, and if you have a minute to kill, check out my craft blog: seven thirty three - - - a creative blog. I have lots of fun things to share with you.
Currently restricted to Blogger platform blogs. 
Giveaway ends Friday at 11:59 PM EST.  Winner will be chosen via Random.org

Monday, December 6, 2010

Cute Wallet

I'm loving this wallet from Mud Puddles and Daisies. Wouldn't this make a fun Christmas gift for a kid or a friend? Great tutorial.
Learn how to make your own wallet.
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Vintage Ornaments

Make some vintage ornaments by taking a strand of faux pearls (or other color beads) and hot glueing them to a boring (or ugly) ornament. Craftberry Bush made these so pretty and feminine!

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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Guest Blogger - I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar - Magnetic Alphabet Puzzle

Hello Someday Crafts fans! I am Cheri from
I love Michelle's blog and I'm excited to be posting here today. Michelle was so kind and encouraging to me when I first started my blog. Over at my place, I post four tutorials a week ranging from sewing to photography to decorating. You should know, however, that I favor boys when it comes to crafting (because that's what I have) and I don't cook. (Well, I do for my husband, but I don't post recipes. I'm no Betty Crocker.)

I've got a tutorial for you today, but if you've never heard of my blog before then here are a couple of projects/tutorials you might like.

Our Playroom

And once in a while, I do make something for girls. The Upcycled T-shirt Dress.

Okay, today I'm going to show you something that is easy to make and that will entertain and educate young children without making any noise. Sound good? I thought so. Let me introduce our magnetic alphabet puzzles.

It all fits into a mini-lunchbox so it can be easily brought anywhere. The pieces stick to the tin and make a fun, educational toy for a little one.

Alright, let's get down to the details. I used this magnetic paper from Silhouette that you can purchase HERE. This was my first time using it and I fell in love with it. It's super thin and works in your printer just like regular paper. This is what the package looks like.

I used a word processing program to lay out my letters next to my pictures. The pictures are from picnik. They have awesome clip art, even though it's meant to be a photo editing program. If you're wondering how to get just the clip art click HERE where I answer that in my FAQ. After I had my pictures and letters lined up I printed the document on my magnetic paper. (I tried to pick pictures of things that interest my son.)

I used my regular paper cutter to cut them into rectangles. Like I said, the paper is thin enough that it was easy to cut (even with my dull cutter that really needs a new blade).

Lastly, I used a scissors to cut the letter apart from the picture. I tried to make each one different, to help out my son when he's figuring out where they go. He's just learning his letters this year, so I didn't want to make it too hard.

Then I threw them all in a little tin lunchbox. (If you're in Utah they sell these cheap at Roberts and you can use your coupon. If you're not in Utah, I'm pretty sure you can find these at Michaels.) That way the tin itself becomes part of the toy, since the magnets stick to it.

My little guy is already having lots of fun with it. I also think it'll be a great please-be-quiet-because-we're-in-church toy :)

I didn't make the entire alphabet yet. I figure I'll wait until he knows these ones well and then add some more.

This would be a really easy, inexpensive gift idea for any little person in your life.

Thanks for having me, Michelle. All of you are welcome at my blog anytime! Have a great day!

THANKS, CHERI!!! If aren't a regular of I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar, you are missing out. Cheri is a craft genius. She does have amazing projects for boys (and a few for girls). Head over to I Am Momma, Hear Me Roar and spend hours looking through the awesome projects. Be Inspired!

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Ornament Cupcakes

These ornaments made to look like cupcakes are so ADORABLE!!! They look cute hanging on a tree or in a box as a gift! Danielle is Nesting made these beauties.
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Pumpkin/Gourd Snowman

If you've got any of those little pumpkins still laying around, spray paint them white and make them into a snowman like Caught In Grace did. Isn't that a cute little snowman? I wish I would have saved some pumpkin/gourds for winter!
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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Peppermint Wreath

Use your peppermint candies to make this delicious and beautiful wreath like Fudge Ripple! Love the red and white!!!

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4 Types of Advent Calendars!

Head over to Moore Minutes to learn about FOUR types of awesome advent calendars - The Traditional, Romance, Sexy and Activities Advents. My kids and husband only wish I would do these for them!!!!
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Friday, December 3, 2010

Picture Clock

If your still looking for a great present to give someone for Christmas (or an upcoming marriage or anniversary), head over to Rosy Red Buttons to learn how to make a darling picture clock.

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Multiple Purse Holder

If you are a lover of purses or knows someone who is, you may want to look more into this purse holder. A Girl and A Glue Gun has a great way to keep your purses looking nicely in one place.
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Neighbor Gifts Galore!

Welcome to the
Categorically Crafting Show

where you can show off all of your fun projects featuring neighbor gifts!

Today's compilation of projects is brought to you by me and Amy from naptime crafters

Nap Time Crafters

Christmas is just around the corner! Whip up some of these fun handmade gifts, so you always have something on hand.

These "root deer" have always been one of my favorites. Head on over to naptime crafters for the how to

These retro dish towels from Flamingo Toes are just too much fun!

Teaginny came up with this darling ruffled wristlet key chain.

For all your friends with a sweet tooth make some decadent royal icing biscuits with Red Ted Art's Blog

And now for my gift ideas!!!
Every neighbor can use some fancied up hand soap or sanitizer. See how to make this at Creations By Kara.

I love all gifts in a jar!!!! The neighbors can use it when they want. Cookie mix, brownie mix, soup mix, soft scrubs, toppings, spices, nuts, cupcakes, pasta, etc. There are so many options. Visit My Delicious Ambiguity to see a round-up of more than 30 gifts in a jar ideas including free printable tags. (Picture from Make It Do.)

Nannygoat made these adorable stamped washer ornaments last year. These would also be fun for your own tree.

Make a CD of your favorite songs and package it in this cute CD holder.
See how to make it at The Creative Itch.

And last (but not least), we've made these deliciously tasty PEPPERMINT MARSHMALLOWS using the recipe from Little Birdie Secrets. We give a packages of hot cocoa mix and a large marshmallow for every person in the family. My neighbors love it (especially their husbands.)

Please join your crafty post if, and only if, it corresponds with the category and theme of Neighbor Gifts. (If it doesn't fit in this category, please link it up to Whatever Goes Wednesday.) Link up crafts, decor, sewing projects, food, tips, etc, that has to do with neighbor gifts. If you have joined a neighbor gifts project to a party on my blog before, feel free to add it to this show too! If you have a lot of turkey projects, please choose your favorites. (Please no more than 4 posts per blog). Link to the specific posts, not to your main blog page.

Let's see what you have created (either recently or in the past)!
You can paste the "Categorically Crafting" button onto your blog post. I would love to see these floating around so more people can post their themed projects. I will leave this linky post open until next CC Show. Keep checking back for more ideas!!!

The next 2 Categorically Crafting Shows are as follows:
Dec. 10 - Christmas Trees
Dec. 17 - Handmade Gifts

Check back here to see the rest of the FALL ideas from the last CC Show- amazing!!

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