Thursday, December 17, 2009

Teaching Your Kids (Montessori Style)

Somedays, I run across a blog that causes me to feel guilt. My mind says, "I'm not doing enough for my kids. I should get off this computer and be coming up with incredible ideas on how to teach my kids more intelligently and creatively."

I found one of those blogs today called Counting Coconuts. She focuses on using the montessori approach for teaching her young son. Look at what she does to cover just one letter of the alphabet HERE. (I guess I don't have to get off the computer altogether because I can just use her ideas instead of inventing my own!!!)

The following are just a few ideas that I love!!!
Learning to button and unbutton is tricky, but when you have something this darling to practice on, it is much more enjoyable. Go HERE to see how this button turkey was made. You could also make a button tree.
Teach kids to count (1-to-1 correspondence) using counting cookies. So cute and fun! Go HERE to see a bigger picture. I am a special education teacher and this would be a great idea for my students. I would make plates with the written numeral in the middle and they could count the dots and put it on the plate with the matching numeral. Genius!!!

So if you are looking to enhance how you are teaching your kids, visit Counting Coconuts to get some great ideas (and stop the guilt that you might feel:) There are a lot of links to other information and sites about the montessori method.

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  1. I sent my first two children to Montessori School. I really enjoy their method of teaching. I have to say that my first child really benefited most from it. She is amazingly smart! The second is Learning Disabled and even though he is, this program's structure really helped him. Thanks for the website link; I could use it with the last one. Added your site to my crafty bloggers list for easy access to your site! Really enjoy it here.

  2. I love that stuff! The turkey would be so cool for Special Ed classes and you could do different ones so the kiddos who need LOTS of practice don't get bored with one thing! Cool dudo! (And by the way, did you SEE the "playdough" cookies on Make it and Love it!!!! SOO cute!


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