Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Second Whatever Goes Wednesday

Oh My Heck!!! 130 links for my first party! What a party it was!!! Thanks to everyone who shared their projects, tips, recipes, tutorials and ideas!!! I have to be honest with you all! I was hoping that by hosting a party, it would free up time for me to live real life (be a mother and wife, cook, clean, create something, etc.) I WAS WRONG!!! Visiting all these cool links, leaving comments and then being enthralled with all the new blogs I encountered was time consuming! Maybe even addicting! How can I possible feature every good idea out there in crafty blogland? I'm in trouble!

Did you like the projects I featured last week? Most of them I found at the party!!! So, as you link up your post, please visit at least 5 other links and leave comments. Share your love! There are incredibly talented people here! The 'people pleaser' in me wants to say that this week, I will visit every post, but may not be able to comment on everyone's blog due to my lack of time. (You probably didn't know that I work 6 hours a day at a job:() Please don't hate me or even dislike me for not being able to comment!!!

The next item of business is the official button for Whatever Goes Wednesday! In case you haven't looked at the poll from last week, the round button is the winner!!! Thanks again to everyone who sent me a button!

This little beauty was created by Kim at Polka Dot Thought. She earned a college degree from Clemson University in graphics and it shows!!! She's good! (FYI, I lived in Clemson, SC for 6 months and it is incredibly gorgeous. Crazy football people!!!) I have featured a few posts from her blog. My favorite was the 'kickin' butt' card! Go HERE to make it!Because Kim is so nice and wanting to share her talents with her viewers (and mine), she is doing a giveaway at her blog for 2 free buttons. All you have to do is become a follower of her blog, Polka Dot Thought, and leave a comment on THIS POST at her site. If you are wanting her to make you a button and don't win the giveaway, she is only charging $10 a button. A great deal, indeed! Thanks Kim for the amazing button! So feel free to add this button to your blog, your post, your ideas! Love it like I love it!

Now for the "rules" of Whatever Goes Wednesday: NO NAKED PICTURES OF YOURSELF! Phew! I don't want to worry about this turning into a rated 'X' blog!

Link up your projects, ideas, tips, recipes, whatever! It's easy! Please link a permalink- not to your main blog address. Link your post back to Somedaycrafts!

I HAVE A BIG ANNOUNCEMENT ON FRIDAY!!! A NEW SOMETHIN' SOMETHING! STAY TUNED TO READ WHAT IT IS!!! It is unlike anything out there in crafty blog land at this time!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway for $15 to spend how you want at Bits of Ivory. Go HERE!!!

Ok, let's begin our party!

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  1. I'm looking forward to checking out all the links here!!!

  2. I love the votive wraps here..As last time, great party Michelle! Is your new button working yet?

  3. Great button, now you just need the code! Last weeks party was great, thanks so much for hosting!

  4. Michelle, you are so good to be visiting all the links. Thanks for commenting on my post - am glad you didn't "lurk" this time ;-) And thanks for hosting this fun party - it is totally one of my "musts" every week!

  5. Way to go on all those links. I can't wait to check them out for this week.

  6. What about naked pictures of other people?? Is that allowed? Kidding, of course - just saying though... :) Hooray for the party! I've too been addicted to looking at all the links.


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