Thursday, October 7, 2010

Bleach Stencil Shirts

Our Family, Our Way

shows how to make simple bleached stencil Mickey shirts!!


We have planned for an upcoming trip to Disney in October. In an attempt to be ahead of schedule (Ha!), I am trying to create some non-cheesy yet simple Family Disneywear without breaking the bank, and without disapproving my soon to be 10 year old. I would totally toddlerfy my girl in cute boutique Mickey attire if she hadn't somehow moved past that stage :(

First on the list was this simple, but great technique that I had seen used for something totally different but thought that it would work for me as well.


1) Find a Mickey Head Template (which can be quite difficult) Here is the one I used. Just right click save as to grab it.

Mickey mouse head

You can open it up in paint and adjust the percentage levels for the size. For the kids I used 350% and for the adults 400%. If distorted, its alright.

2) I learned by trail and error but lay the shirt flat and between the top and bottom portion by the tag, lay some aluminum foil in between. Two of mine have bleed through, but oh well. We are keeping them :)


3) Mix a spray bottle with about 20% bleach and the rest water.

4) Cut the printed Mickey head and lay about 3-4 inches from collar. You can also print a font of your childs' name too. I happened to have some cheap iron-on letters from Wal-mart handy, so I used those.

5) Make sure sprayer is at a fine mist spray. Spray directly up in the air letting the water and bleach fall to the shirt, while shapes and letters are covered. I sprayed about 20 times of fine mist. Just a matter of the look you are going for.

I still have to make Daddy's, but so far so good.

Disney themed non-cheese attire. Check. Stay tuned for further projects. Tie Dye Mickey.

Can't wait to see all the inspiration! I am actually leaving for Disney this Friday! Woo-hoo!

Have a great day!


Thanks Our Family, Our Way f

or showing us this easy, non-cheesy way of making Disney shirts!

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  1. Cool! What does the bottom of the shirt look like? Do you spray the whole thing front and back or just around the shape?

  2. I absolutely LOVE this idea. We are going next May for the 2nd time as a family to the World. This would work for everyone in my family. Where did you get the shirts? Thanks for this tut.

  3. Angela:
    I love these! Thanks for sharing your template, it'll make things much easier! I'm going to check out your blog as I really want to do the tie-died shirts too!

  4. Cute idea...but I would have left the names off. It is a safety issue. Now all the strangers at the theme park know your child by name...

  5. I made one of these for my son's 2nd birthday. I put his name and the #2 on the front and 2 on the back. I put a box in between the front and back of the shirt (a box inside the shirt...) and it didn't bleed through. I think it would be cute to put the year on the back of the shirts too! As for security, you could always put a nick-name or a Disney character that they really like. Just a thought.

  6. Oh, also. You can use freezer paper and iron it on. It then just peels right off. I have what I did listed on my blog. :)

  7. These are totally cute! Fabulous idea. :)

  8. These are great! I think I will do these for our trip next fall.

  9. Did you wash the shirts first before you bleached them?

  10. use a paper bag from the grocery store to put inside the shirt. and if your bag has a handle, stick it thru the neck hole. makes is easy to hang to dry.

  11. Doesn't the bleach make the shirts get little holes in them as you wash them?

  12. What are the drying instructions and did you spray the back to match the bleached front color?


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