Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cascarones - (Confetti Eggs)

A couple of years ago, our family attended an Easter egg hunt where there were many different types of eggs, treats and gadgets to find. One of my kids' favorite things were the eggs filled with confetti. I learned this week they are called cascarones from A Mom Not A Professional Nor a Perfectionist. After the egg hunt was over, everyone was smashing the cascarones on each other's heads! It was a blast!!!!

There is still time to make some of these fun eggs for your Easter celebration tomorrow. And if you don't make some tonight, keep it in mind for next year!


  1. We always have these at Easter! I'm picking confetti out of my hair, my car, car seats, my purse for weeks Happy Easter!

  2. Love seeing this. I remember my grandmother making something very similar to these eggs when I was a child : )



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