Saturday, October 22, 2011

Guest Blogger - Tousled Day

A while ago, I got a request from Tousled Day to guest post.   She said she was from Crotia and just started crafting a little while ago.   Even though her English is a little broken, I wanted her to do so.  Growing up, I remember hearing about the unrest and war in Croatia and surrounding areas.   Amid that choas, I'm so glad that people can find an outlet through crafting and blogging.  Our world is so much smaller because of the internet and the blogging community.  Gladly, I welcome her today.   Stop by her blog and tell her "HI."

To be honest, I can't belive that I'm here on Someday Crafts. Thank you Michelle for hosting me, I'm so honored!

I'm Marija from Tousled day, I'm 25 and I came from beautiful Croatia. I discovered crafting world last year, and that's the way I found my passion for create. I enjoy in makeing something all new from something old and boring, recycling is so fun! I will show you one of first "creations" that I came up on my own. How to make butterfly out of bottle.
                                 From this:

To this:

We are going to need just this top of the bottle. It is so nice shaped and that's why our butterfly has nicely bent wings.

I have this butterfly template, but you could use whatever form you want.

Using some kind of marker to trace your butterfly wings on bottle. Or if you can, drow it on your own.

You should get something like this. Pay attention to leave some plastic in the place of the butterflys body. We are going to insert (stick in) that part of the plastic in silicone.

Carefully cut your template. This sort of plastic is easily to cut. Don't forget to cut two little tentacles.

See how nicely are formed those wings to be...

Body of the butterfly is going to be made out of the silicone. I used chocolate wrap (that sort of paper is kind of smooth), and just in case, I oiled it a little bit. I thought that it would be bad if I can't separate silicone and the paper.

After you make small line with silicone, you should dipp in wings and tentacles, immediately. Before it becomes too solid. You should work fast and carefully. Hold wings until silicone becomes cold and firm.

Separate butterfly from the paper.

Apply glliter.

Let it dry.

And that's our butterfly.

I stucked it on two side sticky scotch tape. And made autumnal door ornament. Hope that you like it :)

Or you could simply put it on your flowers. (Or on yours brother mango)

On my blog Tousled day, you can find:

  • how I'm learning how to sew (like this no sew cardigan)

  • tutorials for making flowers (like this automnal)

  • or so many more (it's kind of tousled blog.)

Feel free to come and visit Tousled Day. Hope to see you there :)

Thank you Michelle for being so kind hostess!


  1. What a beautiful butterfly! I love the glitter. How very creative you are!

  2. This is very nice. Very useful for fairy wings, too. And i love the no-sew cardigan!

  3. Such a creative butterfly. I would like to try and make some too. I think they would look nice as hair barrettes in a little girls hair!

  4. Thank you Michelle for giving me this opportunity to share my word, and thank you all for your nice comments :)

  5. That butterfly is such a great use of something that we would normally toss. I like it on the flower, too.


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