Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stunning Necklace and Lucky Paparazzi Jewelry Winners!!!

Look at what Paparazzi Accessories just got in!!!  I'm so excited to be able to offer this stunning necklace and matching earring set to people all over!  It's beautiful (and only $5!!!!)

And because Paparazzi rocks, you can get a matching bracelet too for only $5!  I've ordered some of these and they will be on the site soon! 

Watch Jewelry For Five under "Best Sellers" to grab one for yourself or others within a few days!

It's NOT too late to join the company and sell these to the people around you!  There are 7 weeks until Christmas and you can get your starter kit in about a week!  That means 6 weeks of prime business building and selling Read about joining my Paparazzi Accessories team  HERE.

And now for the announcement of the
FOUR lucky winners of THREE pieces of jewelry from my Jewelry For Five website:

#15 - Jill
#17 - Coley
#20 - Carrie

I will be contacting you and sending the accessories out to you soon!

If you did not win, save yourself a bundle by purchasing $5 jewelry and accessories from me and not from the mall!  The overhead they have to pay is ridiculous!  Don't pay the 500% mark up!

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