Sunday, January 8, 2012

Unique Side Table

Thrifty and Chic is definitely that - thrifty and chic!!!! Check out this unique side table she made for her GORGEOUS living room! (You got to click over to see it!) SO interesting and different, and yet so cool.


  1. love your blog!!! found it through pinterest!! I just started a blog swing by and check it out!! thank you!

  2. I just found her blog a few weeks ago.. and oh my goodness what a creative woman!! And I am so making that table! I am so jealous of her white walls and white furnite and white carpet.. my three little piggies, err I mean kids, make wood floors and dark couches hard to manage..

  3. Neat idea! I love how modern it looks.

  4. Very COOL ideas here in your blog! Uploaded 3 of them to my Pinterest page! Many thanks!


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