Thursday, June 21, 2012

Help Wanted!


 I have a big announcement to make!   This decision has been one that was done with A LOT of thought and knowing the risks that accompany it!   I am excited and a little bit scared to announce it.

A few years ago, I quit my job as a SPED teacher to be SAHM.  I loved it, but I knew that I would still have to bring in some money to help with the bills.  My husband had a decent job with benefits.  By decent, it mostly paid our bills and expenses.   For the past 6 years, I have worked part time, babysat and did many things to bring in money so I wouldn't have to go back to teaching full-time.  Last August, I joined Paparazzi Accessories hoping it was my lucky break it life.  Surely, I could sell cute $5 jewelry!!!  I was nervous and a little insecure, but I knew this Paparazzi thing could be a definite bonus to our family!

Now, 10 months later, I can't believe how our family's life has changed.  I quit my part-time job in February.   I have 700+ pieces of inventory that are paid for and we have a savings account that is bigger than it ever has been  (even when both of us were working full-time without kids.)  And the future with Paparazzi is bright!   We know that there is so much possibility with Paparazzi Accessories. I have the potential to continue to do VERY WELL!   

Two months ago, I started making more than my husband.  I did during the month of November, but that is because Christmastime rocks!!!!   Now, I am consistently making more than him.  Between my commission and my sales (yes, I love doing parties and selling Paparazzi), I make more than I ever thought possible.  And it has only been 10 months. It's hard to believe how much I make from $5 jewelry.  Women LOVE it!

 I have worked very hard, and sacrificed much to get here.  So, it is with anxiety and excitement that I announce that my husband has quit his job that he did not love.   He will be assisting me more, doing some business/life coaching and is also doing a 90-day nutritional/weight loss business.  We are taking a HUGE risk and are praying that it works out.  Paparazzi Accessories has given us freedom to do things we would never do.   Money will be back to being a little tight, but we are hoping that in the next 6 months, things continue to go well for both of us in our businesses. We will be working HARD to make great things happen.

Because my husband has quit his job, we will be leaving Utah and our home for the next 2 months and going on the road with our 3 kids to build our business and visit family.  My husband is from Louisiana and has family in Texas and Louisiana.  We are headed to the HOT, HUMID South for July and August.  I know, we are Crazy!!!   We've booked 2 events so far in Fort Davis and Lubbock.  We plan on doing some events, talking to businesses, arranging fundraisers, doing trainings for our team in Texas and Louisiana, doing lots of parties and bringing the love to Paparazzi to the South.  I'm hoping for some amazing things to happen.   We are putting just about everything on the line to make Paparazzi continue to improve for us.  We know that it can work!!!
We are determined to make it happen!

(These are not a great picture of the most popular selling earrings.)

Because we are going to be traveling and be busy with my $5 jewelry business, I am not going to be able to keep up with this site!  I want to use my time to focus on Paparazzi while we are there.  I don't want to shut the site down or have it sitting dormant, so I am looking for help.  I am looking for someone who wants to take over the posting for about 2 months.  I would communicate with you once a week or so just to see how it is going, but other than that, the blog is yours.  I would hope you would post 1 or 2 times a day.  You could keep the income from the time that you are running the blog.  I have many people contact me about advertising that I just don't follow through with because I'm too busy.  If you do more to bring in more money, then that is yours.  There is a possibility that I may want you to continue after we get back, but that is yet to be decided.  You will need to know how to do most of this without training you because I am leaving in a week and am trying to get everything ready!  It's busy.

In order for me to make a quick decision, please send your name, your blog URL, and any information you want me to know about you (including why you would like to assist with my blog) in an email to  I want to make a decision by Monday since I am leaving Tuesday.

If you are interested in Paparazzi Accessories, you can read more on my Paparazzi blog and contact me or if you live in Texas or Louisiana and want FREE jewelry, I'd be happy to do a party for you.  Just shoot me an email at and let me know where you live.  If you live somewhere else, I have team members who can do parties or answer questions too.  I have over 400 team members in 44 states now!  This is the same quality as Claire's Boutique, but only $5!!!!!!!

 Paparazzi Accessories just got a new website and it is so nice.  You can check out examples of the jewelry HERE.  My team is growing rapidly because of the support that is offered and the success that comes with trendy, affordable accessories.   I would love to help you earn money from home like I have done and many of my team members have done.   I am on the strongest team in the whole company and would love for you or someone you know to join me.   Please send me an email at for any information about hosting a party, wanting jewelry or information on joining.  My consultant number is #1681 if you just want to join (but I'd love to talk with you first).

Thanks for all of you who read my blog.  It's been a fun hobby of mine for the past 4 years!


  1. Michelle - That is amazing! Congrats to you and your family and I wish you the best of luck! Enjoy your family time!

  2. Good luck to you and your husband. I hope all of this will be successful for you.

  3. Congratulations Michelle! That's so exciting for your whole family! I'd love to volunteer to cover for you, but I'm sure you'll get others who would be more eager... if you find yourself in a pinch, though, let me know!

  4. WOW!! Congrats! How wonderful....I have a friend that sells it here and I have been wondering if it's something I could sell via my blog {I don't like doing parties} I'll spread the word about you looking for help:-)

  5. Congratulations to your family! That is exciting! Sad for your followers that have loved everything you post, but happy for you!! Enjoy your travels. Who ever fills in has some big shoes to fill!

  6. How exciting! Congrats. I hope things continue to work well and that you enjoy your time visiting family. I hope you find somebody to help you out too!

  7. Sooo very exciting! Congrats!!! And good luck**

  8. That is awesome!! Best of luck and welcome to Texas. It is so hot here, my car read 115 degrees yesterday.


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