Thursday, September 13, 2012

Party Highlights from Yesterday!

I didn't get up party highlights last night so I thought I would post a few today.  I thought the following three were fun and a good read!

Looking for an interesting decor element to make that coat rack pop?   Try a brightly colored faucet handles like The Sweet Survival did.  I love it!

How cool are these fall leaves made from book pages?  I'd say they are very cool!  Ashbee Design has more about this!

Liz Marie Blog has some great tips about how to maximize your small spaces.   If you are living in an apartment or have small rooms/house, check this post out.

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  1. The faucet covers are SO cute on that rack. I would totally do something like that! Found you via the blog hop!


  2. Thanks so much for featuring my facuet handle coat rack! You totally made my day!

  3. Wonderful! I love them all! Esp. those book page leaves! The pop of color with those faucets- so functional and unexpected. FUN! Thanks for hosting the party!

  4. Michelle, Thanks for featuring my autumn leaves from book pages. For those that liked it check my site again today. I posted the directions for making maple leaves today and the patterns for oak leaves yesterday.


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