Monday, April 15, 2013

Guest Blogger - Counting Sheep Decor - Pig Finger Puppet

My name is Amber Beck from Counting Sheep Decor. I'm happy to be guest blogging here at Someday Crafts and hope you have fun making this pig finger puppet! So, here we go.

felt - I used pink felt for the entire pattern
needle & coordinating floss or thread
black floss or thread - optional
permanent marker - optional

1. Print and cut out pattern.

Pin It
**NOTE: Open image in a new window and print full-size on a 8.5x11 sheet of paper. 

2. Place pattern on felt and cut out pieces. 

3. Place the nose piece on one of the body pieces. Sew nose to body. You can add nostrils with the marker or with black floss.
4. Use the marker to make eyes right above the nose piece.
**NOTE: Make sure you add all the face features before you sew the body pieces together!

5. Place the ear pieces on the back body piece.

6. Place the front body piece on top of the ear pieces and the back body piece.
7. Pin or hold the ear pieces to the body so the ears are in between the two body pieces.

8. Sew together by hand or with a machine, making sure the ear pieces get attached in between the body pieces.

And there you have it! Easy peasy. Your very own pig finger puppet!

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  1. I bought these patterns and my girls love them! They're great for my oldest's babysitting kit as well.


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