Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Improve Your Year! Improve Your Finances!

Hi!  It's Michelle!  
Remember me?  
I used to run this blog to help with my family finances and then my life changed!  I joined Paparazzi Accessories, a newer direct sales company, and my finances improved dramatically.  It's pretty amazing what can happen when you offer cute, $5 accessories to the world!  Women LOVE it! 

I love being able to save women money.  With Paparazzi, women can have fabulous fashion on a budget instead of paying for similar styles with higher prices.  Score!  
Everything is ONLY $5. 

Even the matching necklace/earring sets.   Only $5!!!! 
Beauty on a budget! 

The best part about hooking women up with these cute accessories is 
being paid a 45% commission!  I make $2.25 per piece.  When I sell 50 pieces at a party, I make over $100 profit.  It adds up!   I can take care of the little bills AND the big bills!

There are SO MANY ways to sell Paparazzi!
Home Parties
Facebook Parties
Basket Parties
Work/Business Offices
Events (Boutiques, Fairs, Bazaars, etc.)
Trunk Shows
Retail Stores

I have teammates who are paying their grocery bills and/or house payments by doing Facebook parties!  It's really fun to see!!!  If you want to be invited to a Facebook party to see how they are done or to purchase any jewelry, let me know and I will invite you to one.  Email me at jewelryforfive@gmail.com or go to this link for one going on right now.  https://www.facebook.com/events/591751417546535/?ref=2&ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming

For the month of January, Paparazzi Accessories is offering a great deal on starter kits.   When you buy a kit, you get a credit of up to $500 to spend on your next order(s).  That means you earn 100% commission on the jewelry you get for FREE with your credit!   That's a great way to start out the year!

"New Consultants who purchase a Starter Kit during the month of January will have a credit added to their account that can be used towards a future purchase!*  This credit can be used to replenish inventory, stock up on business tools, or pick up some Paparazzi-branded apparel – it’s entirely up to them!
  • Small Home Party Kits ($300) = $50 credit
  • Large Home Party Kit ($700) = $125 credit
  • Small Boutique Starter Kit ($1400) = $250 credit**
  • Small Event Starter Kit ($2750) = $500 credit**"

Are you curious?  Would you like to improve your finances - even slightly?  Or do you know someone  who is looking to earn some money?  I can teach you how.  I have supported my family of 5 on my Paparazzi jewelry business for over 18 months.

To read more about Paparazzi Accessories, the January promotion, or me, head over to my 2 blogs about my business.
Jewelryforfive.blogspot.com has a lot more info about joining as a consultant.
Jewelryforfivesupport.blogspot.com has lots of ideas for consultants.

OR feel free to call me on the phone and I can talk with you more about Paparazzi jewelry.  My number is 435-610-1609.  For an information packet, email me at jewelryforfive@gmail.com.

I would love to help you improve your finances by offering women a great deal on accessories.

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