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Crafting for Baby - Baby Name Embroidery Hoop from Moddie Moes

We're back today with another great project from Janice at Maddie Moes. It's so sweet and simple - I think you'll love it!

 photo BabyName_zps0581acb3.jpg

Hi there...I am Janice Armstrong and a bit of a newbie blogger! I blog over at Maddie Moes where I love to share what I sew and remake out of scrap, vintage and unused fabric. I also share a few inspirations and muse on life a little from time to time!

Of all the things I've made of recent I have loved making these hoops as they are so easy to adapt and change depending on your ideas and creativity and look so lovely resting on a shelf or hanging on a wall. I also have used them with my girls, creating pictures using free embroidery too!

 photo IMG_8584_zps81dbd063.jpg

// I cut out small triangles using scraps of fabric I had already backed in Bondaweb but you can just pin down the pieces of fabric if you don't have any Bondaweb to hand.

// For free embroidery on my machine I remove the foot and place a plate over the teeth. This allows me to move the needle in any direction. I tend to go over the line of stitching 3 times to get the result I like. If you want any more information on free embroidery have a look here as a good overview of how to go about the free machine embroidery technique.

I have also used this technique in appliqué cushions as another baby gift idea which you can check out here.

 photo IMG_8606_zps9c086a4a.jpg

// I use a small set of stampers in a typewriter text to stamp on the name...this one is for my littlest girl. You could also include date of birth or weight if you wanted!

 photo IMG_8588_zps4c8e77e3.jpg

//Don't be too concerned about getting it perfect, the unevenness or quirky spacing adds to the charm!

 photo IMG_8593_zps32d40ecd.jpg

// I iron on a circular shape of interfacing to give it a bit of strength and cover the stitches on the reverse of the the hoop.
// Place it inside the hoop and tighten the grip at the top.

 photo IMG_8594_zps3b6b66b2.jpg

// Trim the edge of the fabric as we are going to clip it and glue it into place.

 photo IMG_8597_zps0a7143ac.jpg

//This is what the edging of the fabric should look like after clipping...

 photo IMG_8612_zps1d0078d8.jpg

//...and then glued in place. I used a hot gun here but I have also used regular crafting glue. As the fabric is relatively light most craft glues will be strong enough to keep it in place.

// And that's it. You're done and ready to set in place!

 photo IMG_8623_zpsc772311e.jpg photo IMG_8620_zps8c5fa28e.jpg

Follow along with me...

Thanks, Janice! What a sweet thing to have for your little one. I love the little pennant banner!
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  1. Aw this is so cute! I wouldn't have thought to have used an embroidery hoop. Thanks for sharing.

    Gayle x


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