Friday, March 21, 2014

Crafting for Baby - Doily Collar Onesie from The Elephant of Suprise

We're back today with another fun project from Aimee at The Elephant of Surprise. Let's see what she's got for us...
Hi, I'm Aimee. I love to throw a pretty party, create things for my kids, and make over spaces in my home. And all while staying within a starving student budget! Come see what I'm up to at The Elephant of Surprise!

I have two boys, but just for fun I thought I'd whip up a little girly project. I love Peter Pan collars. I love doilies. Put them together and what do you get? This simple diy onesie!

What you'll need for this project: a onesie, paint and fabric medium, foam brush, doilies, and a piece of cardboard.

Step 1: Insert a piece of cardboard where you'll be painting. You don't want the paint to leak through.
Step 2: Lay your doilies in position, and if you prefer, tape them down to your work surface (making sure not to cover any of the lace pattern).
Step 3: Sponge on the paint of your choice (mix your paint and fabric medium beforehand according to the instructions on the bottle).

And that's it! Pair with a pretty bright skirt or black leggings. Thanks so much for having me on Someday Crafts! 

What a cute idea to dress up a plain jane onesie. I think it really adds some glamour!
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