Thursday, October 22, 2009

Build It With Burlap

Burlap is 'the thing' these days. Everyone is making something with burlap. These are a few of the lovely burlap projects I've found recently. At the bottom of this post, I've added Mr. MckLinky so you can ADD YOUR BURLAP PROJECTS. Check out the other burlap projects and craft away! These beautiful burlap pillows were made by Moody Girl Projects. I'd like a couple of these please! Check out how she made them (along with a few other burlap projects) HERE.
Beneath My Heart made this gorgeous burlap magnet board (which she is giving away Thursday.) Go HERE to enter the giveaway!
Why not make these homey burlap valances in your kitchen (or other room) like Tatertots and Jello. They are "no-sew" and so cute! To see how to make them, go HERE.
At Southern Hospitality, she covered the back of this cabinet to change the look. She stenciled and added some tacks to make it so beautiful! See more HERE.
Tatertots and Jello also is the first I've seen to use burlap in her tassels. There is just something rustic, yet beautiful about the texture in burlap. To learn how to make these tassels, go HERE.
This is crazy cute! Kara's Kottage WALLPAPERED her room with burlap. Is that insanely cool or what? Check it out HERE.
Craftaholic Anonymous is calling for me to be a craftaholic after I saw this hair piece. Darling. Go HERE!

As I was looking around, I found a Burlap Party at Southern Hospitality. There are some amazing projects HERE and HERE.

There also is an amazing post about burlap projects at DIY Showoff HERE. Love these!

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  1. cuuuute! I love burlap, but I have yet to do anything with it.
    I am thinking of turning it into a runner for our Thanksgiving dinner - the table cloth I am thinking is going to be brown contractors paper with pens/markers/crayons as a part of the center piece so people can doodle and/or write what they are thankful for while they eat. Just an idea I am toying with :)

  2. Glad you found my burlap party! That was a lot of fun & some great projects were featured. Hope you'll come & see me again.

  3. Thanks for the sweet shout out! I am posting a fun burlap project tomorrow and I will link up.



  4. I would love for you to add my burlap flower to your post! You don't have to ask, silly!

    Hey so we should blog swap some me at Happy Friday Michelle!

  5. That valance is so cute! And the wallpaper, wow, someone was brave. It turned out great. Thanks for sharing these. They put my spooky banner to shame. ;)

  6. Thanks for joining in GET R DONE FRIDAY! Some cool ideas! Please send your readers back to my meme, to read up on some of the other people's projects! Have a great weekend!

  7. Burlap is so in right now! I need to get my hands on some and start making soon as my weekend begins! :)

  8. lovling the burlap wallpaper - wondering if i have the courage to try it! happy to have found your blog today!

  9. I'm kind of into burlap lately too- you have given me a couple fresh ideas- thanks
    Have a great day

  10. Some great and creative ideas, thanks for sharing those with us.
    Linda Q

  11. The burlap behind the hutch is really stunning!

  12. What fun! I didn't know that burlap could be so wonderfully crafted.

    Thanks for sharing!

  13. This is totally evil, but that mirror you loved from my fall post. I saw it at a yard sale and thought I probably would not be able to afford it.Ya, it cost me 50 cents. Crazy lady.

  14. Some really unique items. Thanks for showing them.

  15. I LOVE burlap and have a few projects I want to do. Now I just have to find some. Hello hometown... B U R L A P. NEED. BAD.

    Burlap jealous, Donna

  16. I thought I was the only one who was crazy about burlap! I should have known better!

  17. I love burlap. I have a couple of pillows and a table runner. I love these ideas.

  18. You posted some great ideas using burlap. I can't stop thinking about those curtains!

  19. love me some burlap!

    happy Met Monday!


  20. Burlap is my friend.....

  21. After seeing the pillow and the curtains, I immediately scrolled up and clicked "Follow" button. Wow, you are sooo creative!!!

    When visiting my post, be sure to click on the "Follow" button if you like what you see. This way we can share one anothers creativity!

  22. What great ideas, it all looks wonderful. Hugs, Marty

  23. Fun link up idea! Looking forward to reading all the ideas. I have a stack of folded burlap just waiting for a project! :)

  24. Thanks for letting me join the fun! I keep finding new stamps that I want to use on my burlap coasters. I love finding new burlap projects and appreciate you putting these ideas all in one place. Love your blog!


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