Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dish Towel and Hot Pad Apron

I first saw these dish towel and hot pad aprons HERE and thought these would be perfect for Christmas gifts for my kids and their cousins. They are quick and inexpensive to make. My kids can use them when assisting me with fixing real food, crafting, painting or playing in their play kitchen. I liked the idea, but created these my own way. Thus, a tutorial for you.

I bought a set of two hot pads and one dish towel at the dollar store. I already had grosgrain ribbon on hand. The first step is to cut the dish towel in half.
Next, I cut two strands of 18" ribbons (for the straps around the waist) and singed the edges with a lighter to prevent fraying. Then, fold the cut edge of the dish towel over the ribbon (on both sides) between 1/2" to 3/8" (whichever you prefer) and sew the whole length of the dishtowel. This step accomplished two things. 1. Secures the waist straps to the apron 2. Creates a hem on the cut dish towel to prevent it from coming unraveled.
Next, take the hot pad and secure it on top of the dish towel with two pins where you just hemmed. Make sure it is centered. The easy, quick way to do this is to fold both the apron and hot pad in half and place the hot pad fold on top of the dish towel fold. I put the little loop at the bottom of the hot pad - thinking I would leave it exposed so my kids could put a wooden spoon or other utensil in there. I might change this on the other ways I make. If you don't want it, cut it off or sew it under the hot pad. I sewed the hot pad to the dish towel twice just to make sure it was secure. I found it easier to have the hot pad on top and the dish towel on the bottom when I was sewing.
Next, I cut two 15" ribbons and singed the ends with a lighter for the neck straps. (You could just do one long ribbon that doesn't need to be tied, but I like being able to adjust the straps depending on who is wearing the apron. I sewed it at a slight angle on the back of the top of the hot pad. Do this to both sides.
Lastly, make a bow however you want. You could even make it a clip that comes off and on if you want. Attach it to the top middle of the hot pad. I used the grosrain and made four little loops, sewed it together, hot glued a strip around the middle, and then hand sewed it to the apron. The bow was the hardest, most consuming part! That is how easy these aprons are!!!
Here are the kiddos wearing the apron. My son is 16 months. It is a little big on him, but still very functional. I guess I could leave the bow off of his!
My daughter is 3 1/2 and it is a perfect size for her. She is wearing it in her kitchen right now!
How many of these are you going to make? I'm making at least 4!!!

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  1. They turned out cute! I wound up making 3 so far, but I'm considering 1 more before Christmas. :)


  2. So cute! I would do that if I had a Sewing machine and knew how to use it! Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Very cute idea. Thank you for sharing it.

  4. Awww... how sweet are those! Cool idea!

    Thanks for linking up!

    FJ Donna

  5. I love this simple and frugal idea. Thanks!

  6. That's a darling idea for an apron!

  7. Too cute!!! Thanks so much for linking up. :)


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