Sunday, January 31, 2010

Guest Blogger - Alchemy Junk - Pottery Barn Roman Numeral Wall Decor

We at AlchemyJunk are completely addicted to decorating, and from this addiction this blog was created. If you answer YES to any of the following statements... we'll see you in the 12 step program ;) just kidding... who wants to stop this joyful madness?!
You know you're a Decoraholic:

When you go to someone elses house for a visit and you can't help but mentally redecorate for them.

When you go to a movie you cringe when they break that beautiful furniture in stunt scenes

When you get out of a movie your conversation goes something like this:
Hubby: "That part where that guy jumped out of a window into the nile river was so awesome!"
You: "Ya I know! I LOVED the drapes that were hanging in that window! I think they would look great in our guest room!

You consider that blockbust film that everyone is raving about "not so great" because you only got 1 good decorating idea.

You're hubby comes home with a boquet of decaying barnwood instead of flowers... and that's a good thing

When EVERYTHING has design potenial from an old metal trash can to rusted tirechains.

When everytime you go to see the doctor, it takes total restraint to NOT rearrange the waiting room furniture
for better traffic flow.

When you see the new shade of lipstick at the department store and you buy it only because it is the perfect accent color for your living room that you've been searching for for weeks.

Here's a tutorial for the Roman Numerals. Hop on over to our blog for the clock tutorial

Okay, I pour over the Pottery Barn catalog like I should do the classics and found this:

See the numbers?

See the drool!

Not for sale even. Not that I could ...ya know..... buy them. So I thunk and thunk til my head hurt (about 2 minutes max is all the thinkin I could take) and this is what I made:

with a lot of help from hubby.......

We bought a $2 piece of metal. Made templates from contact paper. Traced them on the metal and hubby cut them out with tin snips.

I had to grind the edges with a dremel tool. They aren't perfect but they are CHEAP!!!!

and then I spray painted with this:

We spent about $15 because it took 2 cans of paint. I think it was worth the "thinkin" headache!!!

Thanks a MILLION to Michelle @ Someday Crafts for giving us the opportunity to plop ourselves on her blog and guest post!!

Thanks for guest blogging you junkies!!! If you can't tell, Alchemy Junk is an awesome blog for decorating! The ideas they are are outrageously cool and different. Wouldn't you love anything you've seen in this post at your house? Absolutely. Go visit Alchemy Junk today and become a follower if you like what you see!

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  1. Great job! Nice to have a DH that will help us out, isn't it?!

  2. Okay now be honest-- did you get those roman numerals from me?? ;)

  3. Your design obsessed checklist is hilarious :)).

  4. Very cool. I love it! Now I must head over to check out that site.

  5. I love those numerals from PB. You did a great job at re-creating the look. I love a touch of black in a room, Kathysue

  6. You have the sweetest husband EVER! There would be a lot of eye-rolling if I asked my honey to cut out roman numerals with tin snips!

  7. Clever and a great way to fill the space on the wall!! Loves it!

  8. That was the truest post! It has my name written all over it! The numerals look awesome!

  9. I will be the second one to admit this... I'm obsessed. I don't know to what really, but I must fit the bill.
    I have to tell ya... 'Cause it is driving me crazy!

    You're bottom number is backward. There I said it.

    IIIX is not a number, right? shouldn't it be...XIII ?

    I'm sorry. Please don't hate me. I told you ...I'm obsessed.

    If it makes you feel better, there are people out there that paint checker boards incorrectly too... (with more than the required spaces)

    I know. I need help.

    I do love your great big roman numerals though.

  10. Corn in My Coffee Pot: Thank you, thank you for the heads up!!! Would you believe it was a blog test? Would you believe I can't count like a Roman????? Silly, Silly me. There will be a do-over this to tell my hubby!!! P.S. obsession is least Calvin said so!!! Thanks again, Deb

  11. They really do look wonderful! Congratulations on your success to reproduce them for far less $!

  12. The numbers look fantastic. You did a great job...(and hubby) Thanks for sharing the idea!!!

  13. Love the numerals. I'd like to add another to your crafter-movie list: You see a character sitting on a iece of furniture and know exactly which store carries the same material it's covered..

  14. You did a great job recreating those numbers!

  15. Awesome! I always love a good PB knock off. Thanks so much for linking up! :)

  16. Great job! I love it! And I hope you don't redo the IIIX... you can just flip it upside down to get XIII! Or you can leave it... not that many people can count like a Roman either! : )

  17. Great PB knock off! Kudos to hubs, he's a sweetie and a keeper! Love the results!


  18. Hi Debby!
    I LOVE that look! Love the numbers! So very creative! Thanks for sharing today. Thank you also for linking up to Thrifty Thursday!
    Tales from Bloggeritaville

  19. At least hubboes are good for something.... Just kidding.. Fab job...

    Thanks again for joining "Get your craft on Thurs." Hope to see you next week.

  20. Awesome! I need a hubby to help with projects like this!

  21. Very clever-a striking wall display!

  22. Great job. I have been buying the letter 'S' for my daughter Shannon whenever I find one. She has 5 so far. i guess it's time I made her one.

  23. Love the post, love the numerals. Great job.

    ~ Tracy

  24. I love the movie "Nanny McPhee" because of the paint on the walls. Nope, not obsessed here.

  25. I found this project on Blue Cricket Designs and just love it. Thanks for sharing!

  26. So cute! I love that!!!

    Thanks for linking it up!!!


  27. Those are some awesome copy cats! I love Alchemy Junk!

  28. Love how the numbers turned out - take that PB! Definitely worth the effort. I may not notice paint colors and drapes in movies, but forgive me I do notice Roman numerals. I think in the original pic it was showing VIII (8), IX (9), X(10), and XI (11). Your number look terrific, but they say 13 (backwards), 9, 10 ,9.

  29. How large did you make the letters


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