Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Upside Down Planter

My friend had some of those upside down tomatoes last year and I liked the ease of them. I wouldn't mind having a couple of those around my yard.
DIY Newlyweds has made having some of these at your house.

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  1. I have some upside-down tomatoes growing in my garden now! I've not had any success growing them in our garden beds or in pots, so decided to try this, and it worked!!! I think they look great too!

    I grew mine in an old coke bottle, but next time will use a bigger pot I think!

    Hope yours grow well and produce lots of fruit!

  2. You always find the best stuff. I keep telling myself I need to figure out how to make these when I see them in the store, and I always forget by the time I get home.

  3. These are so expensive in the store and I've only seen the tomato version. This is a very helpful tutorial; I'm so glad they figured it out for the rest of us. Thanks for sharing this link!

  4. Thanks so much for featuring my project! Good luck everyone with trying this out. I'll keep everyone posted on the progress of my pepper plant.


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