Friday, August 13, 2010

Back 2 School Stamped Washer Keychain

Amanda at Sugar Bee (Craft Edition) shares this awesome and cute washer idea. When my daughter goes to kindergarten, she will have one of these on her backpack!!!!

Back-to-School sure snuck up on me! Here's a quick easy project for backpacks. My kids know our home phone number, but I got to thinking, what if they need to call me on my cell phone - they don't know that number. So I thought of this project with the stamped washers.

I wanted their name on the front, to identify their backpack, with the phone number on the back. But when you stamp into washers, it raises up the other side, so I couldn't just stamp on the back because it would raise through to the front (see what I mean, in the picture below). I came up with the idea of using 2 washers glued together. You need a glue that will adhere to metal - I went with Gorilla Glue.

With this type of glue, you get the object wet then put on the glue then let it sit 5 minutes - be sure not to put on too much, it'll expand as it dries.

After the 5 minutes, you put the objects together like you want them and clamp it tight. I left it several hours in the clamp.

That's it - now it's a double-sided washer. Then I made a quick tube of material, turned it right-side out (using that TOOL I love), and tucked in the raw ends. I poked it through the washers and sewed it down. Then made a loop of the other end and sewed it down. I slid a carabiner or clip into the loop and that was it. In the picture, boy one is right-side up and girl one is back-side up:

Perfect for backpacks!

Actually, the backpacks have a loop on the inside so if you don't want to clip them on the outside, look for that:

Visit Sugar Bee today and tell her thanks for the great idea!!!

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  1. Nice project! Do you have any tips on getting a good impression of the stamps on the washers? I'm going to try this craft soon. :)


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