Sunday, January 30, 2011

Not-So-Spicy Spicy Dice!!!!

As certain holidays are approaching, I often ask my friends what gift they are giving their husbands (Valentine's, Christmas, birthdays, etc.) Recently, one of my friends responded by saying she got her husband some "spicy dice" for Valentine's Day!

"What is that?" was my reply.

She proceeded to show me these three little dice with eight sides. As she explained what they were and as I read the words on the dice, I turned a bright color of red. Yes, I blushed!!! I learned about these types of "games" after the age of 25. A little naive? Absolutely!

"Michelle, you have been married over 5 years. This shouldn't embarrass you anymore," she responded to my change of color and uncomfortable laugh.

"Yes! I have been married that long and I do have 2 kids, but still....that is just too "spicy" and 'kinky' for me!"

I thought about this disturbing little present that evening. Most men would LOVE a present like that, but women like me are terrified by the thought of "spicy dice." (I was the one who would tear up at MY bridal showers if anyone made comments about 'you know what.') I came up with a compromise to give to my husband - inspired by "spicy dice."

Introduce "NOT-SO-SPICY SPICY DICE." The toned-down version that I can tolerate (thought it is still quite a stretch for me.) My husband will die laughing when I give them to him because this will not be expected. I'm not a romantic person! Poor guy. He probably will think it is a joke! Those out there who know me will probably be shocked that I am going to do this, but I am (working up the courage.) I can't believe I am actually blogging about this too!

On one dice is a body part (none of which I would blush to say out loud to my children). Body parts I used: legs, arms, back, neck, belly, your choice. One dice has an action (which makes me squirm just a little). I used: nibble, tickle, kiss, massage, lick, your choice. One has a room in the house. I chose: bedroom, kitchen, laundry room, living room, bathroom, your choice. I left a "your choice" side on all three so he could make up his own idea. (Breathe deep. I can do this.)
I was told by my friend, you shake the three (or two if you don't want to "play" the different room aspect) and do what the dice says. Sounds to me (I'm talking myself into believing this.) So I might have to give him a back massage in the bathroom. OR kiss his legs in the laundry room. Or nibble his arms in the kitchen. Does this sound romantic to you? (not to me!)

My husband deserves to have a Valentine's present he might like. I'm not great at giving him "romantic" gifts. Isn't this what Valentine's is supposed to be about? So this year will be a first! It will be fun to hear his laugh!

Here is how I made my "Not-so-spicy spicy dice." Sorry about the blurry, dark pictures. My camera is mediocre at best!

First, buy little wood blocks from your craft store. Mine are about 3/4"x 3/4". They should be already sanded and smooth. Paint all the edges the color you want them.

Next, print the words you want for your 3 die on "romantic" scrapbook paper leaving enough room to cute out squares to basically cover the wood die. I used different fonts for the different die so I made sure to glue all the body parts on the body parts, etc. dice.

Using a decoupage medium (Mod Podge), glue the papers on all six sides of each dice.

Let it dry overnight. Using a sanding block or file, sand off the edges of the paper that over hang. (How do you take pictures with one hand while doing something that requires two hands?)

Then dab the paint over the very edge of the paper to give it a distressed look.

Mod Podge the blocks one more time to seal the paper and paint and let it dry! You have your toned down version of "NOT-SO-SPICY SPICY DICE." Discreet enough to hold in your hand or hide in a drawer.

There! I have blogged about it and survived. Let's hope I can survive giving this present to him. ARE ANY OF YOU LIKE ME? I need reassurance, please!

What are you giving your husband for Valentine's Day?

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  1. That's a great Valentine's gift! Have fun rolling the dice!

  2. Oh my word thanks for posting this :) You're so much like me!! Haha I was laughing through this whole post because I could have written it myself!! :) Have fun with those toned-down "spicy" dice :)

  3. loved this post - i am definitely the same! have fun :)

  4. Oh yeah...I'm like you! We've been married 15 years (on Valentine's Day), and have 5 kids, and I still can't talk about things...too shy. Sounds strange, but I can't help it! I'm proud of you for trying...maybe next year for me LOL!

  5. Oh my goodness! I'm giggling at you just a little- I got a pair of FAR TOO SPICY Dice for a bridal shower gift and they have been hidden ever since. It's a cute idea, but yeah, what's 'romantic' about nibbling elbows?! ;) Have fun!

  6. I am SO with you! The idea of spicy dice really freaks me out!

    I like your mild sauce dice;)

  7. LOL! I'm totally like that too! The dice are cute!

  8. You are not alone. I commend you for your courage...and you obviously love your husband very much to give him such a sacrificial gift! :) I love the idea in theory, but we'll see if I can bring myself to give him something like that as well.

  9. What a cute idea Michelle! I love that you toned them down - and they are really cute too. Great job!!!

  10. Haha I love this idea! To cute : )


  11. Glad you posted about this. I'm not as shy, but do like how these are bit more tasteful and not so far fetched. I might have to look for a few wooden cubes at the craft store. Thank you!!

  12. So cute! What a great idea:)

  13. I haven't even thought about valentines gift yet, oh dear! AND our wedding anniversary is 5 days later! Oh crumbs, better get on and think of something, and for the record, I bet your hubby LOVES THIS!

  14. i was introduced to these in my early teens when my stepbrothers found their dads 'spicy dice' then had to hear the stories on how him n my mum used them lol... but then i'm hardly a shy person so i guess to me that kind of thing is pretty normal from my not so normal upbringing lol...

    love ur softer take on it :)

  15. Michelle, you are the cutest ever! I love your not so spicy dice. And yep, I can totally relate! :)

  16. I love that you posted this! Having been married 17 years now (shoot, I just admitted that I'm OLD) I think I can finally handle these... but I'll have to save the room die for times when the kids are all at school and ManOfTheHouse comes home for "lunch"...

  17. Love me some SPICY DICE!

  18. Love this! What a great idea, soo cute!

  19. I am totally like you...I am really really shy about that kind of stuff and its tough in a world where you are expected to act like a playboy bunny! (according to most magazines, anyway)

  20. On another note, I have seen dice like this to help you decide what kind of takeout to order (dice says: chinese, japanese, indian, burgers, etc) or what kind of movie to watch (horror, noir, romance, comedy, etc.) I like those better!! But anyway, you could absolutely cater your idea to make those too.

  21. So Cute! Would love for you to add to my Thursday Treasure Party:

  22. Would love for you to join us at the Hugs and Kisses Valentine's Party!

  23. Michelle you are just too cute! I love your post, you are a great writing I could totally year YOU in this. I love these and am featuring them tonight on my topsy turvy tuesdays!


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