Sunday, February 27, 2011

Decorating with 2x4 Projects (5 of them!!!)

There are so many cute 2x4 projects out there right now. I thought I should have them in one post altogether!
Both of these lucky crafts were made using 2x4's at Under My Umbrella. The directions for making the 2x4 shamrock HERE.
Scrabble letter LUCKY is inspired by Colour Her (Hope) guest posting at UCreate. I loved her idea when I first saw it! Get the Under My Umbrella version HERE.

This fiery orange-beareded wooden leperchaun is just dying to be a visitor at all of our homes for St. Patty's Day! Find how to make him from a 2x4 at Craft Goodies.

OR you can learn how to make an adorable little 2x4 bunny rabbit for the upcoming Easter holiday/April. This bunny from Craft Goodies is so sweet!!!!

One other project you will want to see is this fun
2x4 leperchaun hat also created by Under My Umbrella. She is guest posting this at Lolly Jane Boutique.
I guess it is time to go buy some 2x4's and get cutting!!!!

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  1. Thanks heaps for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. You have some fantastic projects and inspiration here. I look forward to linking up more projects. Thanks for hosting.

  2. Aaah I also love that cute leprechaun hat from Under My Umbrella- Melinda is seriously talented :) Thanks for the feature! Happy Monday :)

  3. Thanks Michelle. As usual you are awesome! It was fun hanging out over at Lolly Jane :) OH! Amazon emailed me saying there is a shortage of that book!! I might never read it. AHHHH!

  4. Awesome roundup! I love how such simple shapes can be used to create such cute stuff!


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