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Guest Blogger - House of Hepworth - Duct Tape Decor!

Hey Someday Crafts readers! I'm so excited to be here today. I'm Allison and I blog at

House of Hepworths.

I hope you enjoy my fun project I've whipped up just for you guys!

I wanted a fun fresh project to share here at Someday Crafts. After playing around with a few ideas, I came up with...

Duct Tape accessories!


Seriously, how fun are these? And I made them all with objects I had lying around my house and a little bit of printed Duct Tape.

I found this fun Duct Tape at the store and knew I had to incorporate it into a project.


For the storage boxes, I found three identical shipping boxes. I taped the bottoms shut and cut off the top flaps.


I started by adding the Duct Tape around the entire top of the box. I left enough to fold it over to create a finished edge.


Once it's around the box, just fold it over the edge.


After the top edge was folded I simply and easily wrapped the duct tape around each box. In total, it took 4 layers to cover the boxes.


I wanted some fun accessories to go with the cute boxes for my daughter's shelf, so I searched my home and found this tissue box.


The duck theme in their bathroom is getting retired soon, so I added Duct Tape to the tissue box as well.


The top was a little tricky. I taped across the hole, then got a razor blade and cut little triangles around the hole and folded them all under the inside of the tissue box. Here's a picture of the inside of the box:


My boxes were cute, but still a little boring, so I found some hot pink grosgrain ribbon and hot glued it around the top and bottom of each box. Then I tied some bows and glued them on as well.


Now my daughter has some fun accessories for her bedroom!


I was having so much fun taping everything in site, so I added some of the funky Duct Tape to a candle as well!


I do want to mention though, this candle is strictly for decorative purposes ONLY. I will never burn it. If you attempt this project, do not burn the candle. The Duct Tape and ribbon are both extremely flammable!!


Aren't they just so fun?! What little girl wouldn't want hot pink and zebra print accessories?


My total cost was about $8.00. Each roll of Duct Tape is around $4.00 and this project took 2 rolls. All the other accessories, I already had on hand.

I'd love for you to stop by my blog and see some of the other fun crafts I've done! I also do lots of DIY projects, renovations, furniture updating, and house tweaking. Here's a sampling of what you will find at House of Hepworths:

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I recently painted and added tons of box moulding, chair rail, and window moulding to our Formal Living aka "piano" room.

I also gave a tutorial on how to add moulding to walls with rounded corners:

Perfectly square corners just waiting for your moulding! You can find out how I did it here.

If you like these projects, you'll love my blog. Just click the button below to check out all the fun!


Thanks, Allison. I'm thinking I want some zebra stripes and hot pink ribbon for my bedroom now! I never knew Duct Tape was so cool until I saw this post. (I actually went to the nearest craft store and checked out the selection of printed tape and it was inspiring. I'm thinking up some new projects around the house!) House of Hepworths is a rocking hot blog. Plus, Allison is quite funny! Head over to House of Hepworths to become a follower.


  1. Wow...I love the duct tape! What a neat idea!

  2. What a great, inexpensive idea. My niece's birthday next week I know she would kust be thrilled with so zebra accessories.

    Thanks for a great idea!

  3. I am definitely going to have to see what kinds of duct tape are out there. These are definitely within my realm of craftiness!

  4. That is such a great idea! Love it! I love HoH!

  5. Thanks you guys for the nice comments! Also, thanks Michelle for featuring me!


  6. I love her! It's crazy all the prints Duct tape has now! Especially with that whole duct tape prom dress phenomenon...

  7. Love, love, LOVE this! Definitely on my To Do List!!!

  8. that is just pure genious! who ever thought to use ducktape for that lol!!

  9. love it! My niece is a young new bride trying to find ways to accent their new home and office for her home office and absolutely loves zebra print. I will definitely have to purchase some more to go with what duct tape she already has(yup she has some already) and we can get crafty this coming weekend!

  10. I love it! What a cool idea for kiddo's friends birthday gifts.

  11. awesome job Allison!!!!

  12. Duct tape is wonderful! And now stylish too? Watch out!!

  13. ok, now I NEED duct tape :-) too cute!

  14. Genius! Love it ALL!!!

  15. AWESOME!!! Zebra print is my FAVOURITE!! Shame I live all the way in New Zealand and have never seen printed duct tape here! May have to get someone to send me some! ;)

  16. Wow That is absolutely awesome .... It's such a pretty home decorative accessories .


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