Sunday, March 6, 2011

White Life - A House of WHITE!!!

I am afraid of wearing or decorating with white. It gets dirty way too easily and stains never go away. I do, however, thoroughly enjoy looking at people who decorate with white. It is SO beautiful! So refreshing! So heavenly! Take a peek at Uruguay White Life. This house is mainly decorated with white and small contrasts of black, and it is more than stunning.
This first photo shows how to decorate a table in less than 15 minutes using whites.

and HERE.

This is how one corner of a room is decorated with white and black. The vintage items looks so cute together.

I could show a thousand more pictures of this beautiful house, but you will have to go check it out at Uruguay White Life yourself.

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  1. A person in a red shirt would definitely be the center of attention in that house. That is a lot of white. Too much for me.

  2. I agree with Marti....way too much white. I's feel like I was trapped in a black & white photo.

  3. That second picture really looks like something out of the Producers when Ulla paints everything in the room white to "tidy up!"

  4. Wow. That's A LOT of white! I have too many kids for white.



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