Thursday, April 7, 2011

Finial, Candlestick and Tableleg Bunny Rabbits (4)


Have you heard of "Wood You Like To Craft?" Every month a group of bloggers collaborate on a fun, similar project, but use their own personalities to make the projects different. You can follow along with them and make your own! It's really a great creative inspiration! This month's project was these tall bunnies and they are hosted at Sassy Sanctuary!

These finial-type bunnies are adorable! These were made by Under My Umbrella!

These, made by Sassy Sanctuary , are candlestick rabbits. ADORABLE!

Table legs rabbits are extra tall and extra cute! They were created by Craft Goodies.

These short table leg rabbits with aprons are making me giddy! These were made by Crafty Sisters.


Become part of "Wood You Like To Craft?" so you can follow along with these talented ladies every month.


This post sponsored by Cash for Maternity.


  1. you are awesome! thanks so much for the shout out!

  2. I have to agree with Krystal-you are AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing us...

  3. Michelle! how did I miss these? tooo darn cute! thanks for featuring these!

  4. Aww! These are cute cute cute!! Thanks for sharing!


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