Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Check These Six Babies Out!!!

Here are just a few links that are stood out to me today! Some are breath-taking, others just make me laugh! Hope you like them!

After I saw this stone wall at I Design, I felt in love! I wish I could have a wall like this at my house. What gorgeousness!

This doily wall art is beautiful to look at and so easy to make. I'm imagining some brightly dyed doilies for a different colored rooms! Great job, Little Lovelies.

Sweet Sumo's Stuff remixed a pattern to make an off-the-shoulder shirt for her darling daughters. Love this shirt!

What a cute decoration for a front door or wall for the month of July. A beadboard star!!!! Find it at Mandi Being Crafty.

Since I will be having a baby in a few weeks (YIKES!), I'm loving this idea of a hospital survival kit including printables! What a fun gift for a friend right before they give birth! Check it out at My Own Road.

This is just too funny not to show off! The Autocrat is showing off some BRA PURSES that people have made on her blog. No offense, but I don't want one:)

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  1. Thank you so much for the feature! I'm glad you like my shirts!


  2. thank you for featuring my stone wall :)

  3. Oh My! Love the wall, but the bra purse looks like a bra purse! (Something I thought before I read the title.) No offense. The craftsmanship looks fab, but it's, um, a bra.

  4. hmmm, yeah - gonna skip the bra purse as well... too many jokes about how much can or cannot fit in my purse to narrow it down to just one for you :)

    the wall I am drooling over... gotta go see if that's a do-able house project :)

  5. Girl, I cannot believe you are due in a few weeks!!

    Can I bring ya dinner??

  6. Thanks for the shout out! LOL It's okay that you don't want one . . . Not sure that I do either! LOL


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