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Guest Blogger - An Apple For The Crafter - Hair Supply Organizer

Hello to all you Someday Crafts readers. Miss Michelle yet? Yeah, me too. I'm Jenny


and that sweet hunk of man in the picture with me is my husband, Chance. He is my biggest supporter and generally the talent behind any great photos you'll see on my blog.

I'm honored to be here guest posting while Michelle adjusts to life with another beautiful baby.

I'm relatively new to the craft blogging world, but I'm willing to shake off the nerves because I am beyond excited to share my most recent project with all of you.

I should start by saying that I live in an apartment, so storage is always an issue. However, right now my husband's best friend, Bryan, is living with us so space is even more tight. It turns out that sometimes we need a little extra motivation to unleash our true organizational powers!

I don't want to keep you in suspense. Here is a peek of the finished product. I turned a handbag organizer into a personalized hair supply caddy with a little love and a lot of glue.

Our bathroom has no drawers and virtually no counter space. I started styling my hair in our guest bedroom because I have a sewing table, a mirror, and an outlet all within easy access. (Did you just find yourself saying, "Outlet?" Yes. My master bedroom has one outlet. ONE! And it's behind our bed! It's a nightmare. So the easily accessible outlet in the guest room just calls to me like a Siren. Anyway...)When Bryan moved in, I threw all my hair stuff into a magazine organizer and moved it into my room. That storage "solution" wasn't going to work for very long and I knew it.

I started surfing around in their organizational section. I didn't filter my search because I didn't actually know what I was looking for. I stumbled up this handbag organizer and the wheels started turning. I could envision my blow dryer resting comfortably in one of the pouches just like a handbag would. So I bought this organizer for $12.99.

When it arrived I got out all my hair stuff and went to work. The bottom pouch stayed exactly as it came.

The next pouch needed to hold tall items like hair spray, so I turned it into a pocket by trimming the excess plastic and gluing the edges up with my trusty E-6000.

The next section became the space for my curling iron and straightener. I stuck my curling iron in the pouch to see how much room I would need and then I just glued straight across. I did the same with the straightener.

Once I was at the top of that section, I trimmed the excess plastic and glued up the little flap that remained. This created a tiny pocket that I am now using to store hair clips.

The final pouch got divided into three pockets. One large pocket to hold all my hair ties, and then two small pockets for bobby pins and barrettes.

I still use claws when I am curling or straightening my hair, so all those got stuck around the sides. I added a black flower barrette to the top because it is cute and it deserved a little display. :) This whole unit comes on a very sturdy hanger since it is intended for the closet. I bought an over-the-door hook so it easily hangs on the back of the bedroom or bathroom door.

Since this is clear and very inexpensive, I think this could work for a variety of different storage conundrums. Plus, I still have all four pouches on the back in case I change my mind!

I really appreciate the opportunity to guest post here today. I hope that my hair-brained (ha, unintentional pun!) idea helps you find an unconventional way to streamline your home.

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Look down at your purse. Now back to me. Back to your purse. Now back to ME.

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Can't wait to see you!


THANKS, Jenny! Organization is one of my downfalls - so I love organization ideas and that hair caddy is an awesome idea. It looks so tidy, compact and everything is in one place! Go take a look around An Apple For The Crafter and check out her wicked scar on her leg due to a car accident! Yikes!


  1. I LOVE this idea. I just yesterday put all of my hair stuff into a tote bag but its not going to work for me so this is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  2. So many great ideas Jenny! Great post!

  3. Great idea Jenny!! One outlet?!! I would go postal, ha ha! I could see using this idea for an entry closet that is tiny (like mine!) for umbrellas etc.


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