Saturday, July 23, 2011

Guest Blogger - Kitchen Counter Chronicles - Tea Towel Hanging Bags

Kitchen Counter Chronicles

I am excited to be here at Someday Crafts, sharing my crafty ideas with all of you. Hope you enjoy my post today!

I love vintage aprons and tea towels. Today's tea towels are typically pretty boring. Tea towels from the 50's and 60's were so much more interesting. Some of my vintage tea towels are in better shape than others. I have been looking for a way to repurpose some tea towels...give them a new life. Then one day it hit me...transforming the tea towels into handy sacks.

Here's what I did.

You will need:

1 vintage tea towel
coordinating thread

binding tape

2 hooks (and anchors if necessary)
measuring tape


1. My vintage tea towel was rather large, so I cut and hemmed it down to a 34" X 17" piece of fabric.

2. Fold your tea towel, bring the bottom edge up at approximately 15" and press the fold.

3. Sew along the sides of the tea towel...creating a large pocket...leaving about 6" piece for the flap.

4. Turn the sack right side out and press.

To make the loops:

5. Cut 2, 5"pieces of binding tape or ribbon.

6. Fold the pieces in half and pin on the backside of the sack at approximately 7" from the top and along the side seam.

7. sew the loop in place...leaving a 1" loop at the top

8. Hang the hooks in the wall or door - following the manufacturers directions.

9. Hang the bag on the hooks.

I filled mine with potatoes and hung it just outside my kitchen...on our backdoor. My 5 year old daughter suggested we put our flip-flops in the bag during the summer...great idea! These bags could be used for anything from toys and shoes to laundry and onions. I love that vintage tea towels have such a great texture - they feel soft and well worn.

I hope you come visit me at Kitchen Counter Chronicles.

THANKS for sharing this cute and easy way to make a hanging bag. I have a few tea towels in my craft room that I could definitely use as bags!

Head over to Kitchen Counter Chronicles to see more!


  1. Wickedly awesome idea!
    I would love for you to show this off at my Wickedly Crafty Saturdays. Link is open until 11pm Monday.

  2. Cute idea - I love vintage prints.

  3. I've never seen this particular pattern, so I'm definitely going to check it out. Thanks! It looks really cute on your towels.

  4. What a nice bags and could be used for anything from toys and shoes to laundry and onions. What about you guys?


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