Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Freakin' Fantastic Nursery For A BOY!!!

I am LOVING this little boy nursery. Everything about it is clean, fresh, fun and inventive! Check out that alphabet wall, the chevron shelves (that's what I want to call them) and the bright colored fabrics and paint.

I'm also loving the idea of embroidery hoops that look like balls. See that one that looks like a baseball. You could also make on of a basketball, tennis ball, bowling ball, etc. What a great idea for boys! This room was created by Hope, Longing, Life (and is guest posting it at Hyphen Interiors - one of my new favorite blogs.)


  1. Adorable! Just decorated my own little man's nursery (he's due to arrive this side of the womb in a few weeks). I have the embroidery hoops in my youngest daughter's room with girly, fun fabrics. It's SO INEXPENSIVE and easy! It fills an entire wall and I just love it. Didn't think of how it might look in a boy room but it looks great!

  2. That is awesome! Such a cute little boys room!

  3. WOW! It's amazing. Wonderful job as always!!!


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