Monday, September 12, 2011

Guest Blogger - Crafty Blonde Chick - 2x4 Candy Corn

I am so excited to be a guest blogger on Someday Crafts! I am Tricia from

I have enjoyed starting a blog about my crafting hobby and want to give a huge thank you to Michelle for asking me to guest on her blog!

I am going to be showing you how to make some 2x4 Candy Corn. These are simple to make and make use of scrap pieces of wood. If any of you have a husband that likes to do projects, then you probably have an abundance of scrap wood like I do.

Supplies needed:
2x4 wood
yellow, orange, and white paint
Chop Saw or handsaw
hemp twine or ribbon

Start out by cutting your wood using the chop saw at a 15 degree angle. I cut it once and then flipped it around so I didn't have to adjust the angle again. Make sure to leave a little of the flat edge on top to resemble the real candy corn.

Your candy corn should look like this now:

Next sand the edges and get ready to paint! I use painters tape and do a stripe down the middle so I can paint the top and bottom of each in the same step. Make sure to do the top and bottom and all sides!

When paint is dry you can pull the tape off and have a straight edge to paint the last color in.

Last but not least, when the painting is completed, sand the edges and distress the candy corn. I added some hemp twine around the middle candy corn to add something extra. Halloween or fall ribbon would look darling too.

Put them on a shelf or table and enjoy your new halloween/fall decorations! They really are that simple!

Thanks again to Michelle and come check out

for more crafts that I have done.

Tricia @

Thank you Tricia. I love finding new bloggers with some great ideas and this definitely qualifies for that! This is one craft that fits in the "quick, easy and inexpensive" catagory that I love. Head over to Crafty Blonde Chick and welcome her to blog land!


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