Sunday, September 4, 2011

Reusuable Feminine Pads - Crafting For A Cause Link-up AND Recipe Book Extended!

Back to School

If you remember back about a month ago, I announced the Crafting For A Cause for August was to make reusuable feminine pads for girls in third world countries. Many of them are not allowed to go to school during their menstrual cycle because they don't have pads! Totally sad and gross. I'm grateful to live with the circumstances I live with!

Hopefully, some of you thought this was an important enough cause to make some pads and contribute them. The goal was 250 and so far 279 pads have been received! That's awesome, but there is still room for MORE. If you made some pads (or want to make some), link up your post about it at Ladybird Ln. for your chance to win a prize.

If you want to see how to make some of these reusuable feminine pads, click on over to Ladybird Ln. to see more.

Also, do you remember the post about the 50+ Bloggers Recipe Book where all the donations go to help the American Red Cross?

Drum Roll Please.......

Grand Total

Are you thinking what I am thinking? It is SO CLOSE to being $20,000! Only 75 more books or ebooks and we would hit $20,000! So our new goal has been made. Paper Coterie (the ones donating all the time and paper for printing the books) has been contacted and they will leave the book up on their site until we hit $20,000! I know we can sell 75 more. Let's hit $20,000! Just 75 more $10.00 donations!
If you were thinking about buying the book, but didn't get around to it, you have one last chance (and I think it will go quickly) to buy the recipe book for charity!

So a GREAT BIG THANK YOU is in order!

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  1. Hi! Thank you so much for promoting the cloth pad project! I did want to let you know that the link-up/giveaway has already closed though and the winner was announced on Hopeful Threads earlier this week.

    The project was a great success and we exceeded our goal! :) Thanks again!


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