Monday, October 3, 2011

Guest Blogger - Taylor Made - Bandit Bib

Hi, my name is Taylor and I write a blog called

It's about all of my favorite things... crafts, art, food, home and family. I went to college for costume design, became a flight attendant, then an elementary school teacher, now I have my favorite job of all - Mommy. I have a bad obsession with hoarding fabric, Mod Podge and Reality TV. I will use anything and everything for inspiration for a project..

I am so honored to be here at Someday Crafts today!

I present to you... The Bandit Bib. It might be the next big thing :) I get bored with "regular" bibs so this is a little more exciting.

What you need:

- 1 fat quarter for the front

- 1 fat quarter for the back (I use flannel, jersey or terrycloth for the backs)

- snap kit

- TaylorMade Bandit Bib Pattern

Let's get started:

Print the pattern for the Bandit Bib HERE (just save it to your computer and print on a full page :) Cut out a front and a back. I like to use an absorbent fabric for the backs of my bibs like terry cloth or flannel.

Put right sides together, pin and sew. Leave a small opening so you can flip it.

Don't forget to clip the corners and the round tip.

Press and top stitch around the bib.

Time for snaps (which I love). If you have never used them, they are very simple and your kit will come with instructions on the back. Each snap has two parts and the fun part is hammering them together :)

Most importantly, make sure your snaps are facing opposite directions so you can snap them together correctly. The first time I did a snap, I made this mistake.

Admire your new and more exciting Bandit Bib. And make a few.

My son is happy about his new Bandit Bib :)

Thanks so much for having me Michelle! And please come stop by Taylor Made and say hi!And check out some of my other projects like:

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or just to say hi :)

THANKS, Taylor. What a fun idea! My son would look very stylish in a bandit bib! I love that you included the pattern so we just have to do the fun easy part (pick out the fabric, cut and sew!) These would be a fun baby shower present. Visit Taylor Made today!


  1. hahaha - What a cute little bandit you have there. I'll admit I skimmed the tutorial since I can't sew and don't need bibs, but I was so curious about the title. Seeing your bandit was worth it.

  2. The Bandit Bib is gorgeous!

    For me it has to be the Monogram Plate... I'm thinking a collection of three (one for each of us) would look adorable on top of our overhead kitchen cupboards!

  3. Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on Bibs today.
    Thanks for sharing with us.



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