Tuesday, November 1, 2011

It's Finally HERE!!!! Get some FREE Jewelry and Accessories!

With Halloween now behind us, we can look forward to our next couple of holidays and reasons to celebrate - namely Thanksgiving and Christmas.

I have MANY reasons to celebrate and be thankful this year.

I have a wonderful husband with 3 amazing children.

I have found an awesome business opportunity as a Paparazzi Accessories consultant that is working for me and for many others. 

AND I finally have my Jewelry For Five website up and running!  And because I am thankful for all of you, I want to share and give my products with you!  This a perfect site to go to get beautiful $5 gifts for family and friends with the holidays coming!!!  I am giving away 3 pieces of jewelry to different 4 winners.

The time is finally here that the Jewelry For Five website is up, stocked and fully working!  That means that now you can buy fashion forward accessories and jewelry from your home and support a family trying to make it in today's tight world.   We are less expensive than Wal-mart and similar in quality to what you would buy at a mall accessory store for $10-$20!   I knew you've been wondering what I sell, now you can see!  

Stock up for all your needs, gifts and styles!  Paparazzi Accessories make perfect gifts for teachers, birthdays, CHRISTMAS, thank you and "just because."    When I was teaching full-time, I got a lot of treats, lotion and cheap candles. I would have LOVED a classy gift of jewelry!  Save yourself money by buying online from Jewelry For Five.

On the website, there are the best sellers and other categories divided by color.  If you are looking for feathers, I have them!  The best sellers sell like crazy at parties - especially the ribbon necklaces.  They look expensive!  I don't have the younger girl items up yet!   Hopefully, they will be up within the week!

This ribbon necklace comes in white, grey, pink, deep purple, navy blue and brown!   Notice the matching earrings included in the $5!!!  Dress it up even more by adding a clip to the ribbon!  You'll look smokin' hot!
These gunmetal wire earrings are a best seller too!   I have these in the dark and lighter silver!   Almost anyone with pierced ears would love these!

Since I have joined this company, I love wearing a headband!  They look so stylish and work so well!  My daughter and I share accessories!  I never thought that would happen!

I love clips!  I never realized how many things you can do with a clip!  They are so versatile.  You can wear them in your hair, or on a shirt, sweater, jacket, coat, necklace, bag, belt and more!   Gotta have a clip in every color! 

If you are bling ring person, we have got a few up today.  We will be adding about 30 more in the next couple of days!   Yipee!

Take a few minutes and look around Jewelry For Five.  Bookmark it!   Share it with friends!  Be in love with the great deal!


Since I want to share my excitement of this new website and my business with you, I am going to give away 3 pieces of free jewelry for 4 different winners!   You can pick what you want!

How to enter:
1.  Go to Jewelry For Five and tell me what items you want.  (1 entry)
2.  Blog, Facebook, or Tweet about this post or the website! (1 entry for each)
3.  "Like" Jewelry For Five on Facebook. (1 entry)
4.  Purchase something from Jewelry For Five (Enter 3 times)
5.  Book a party in Utah (Enter 3 times)
6.  Contact me about a party outside of Utah (Enter 3 times)
7.  Host an online party (4 entries)
8.  Become a consultant (5 entries)
9.  Put my Jewelry For Five button on your blog! (3 entries)

There are lots of things you can do to increase your chances of winning!
Winners will be chosen next Tuesday!

If you want to host a party and get lots of free jewelry, I'd love to help you out with that!   On my team, I have consultants who are willing and wanting to do parties all over in Utah and in 9 different states.   Send me an email letting me know where you live and I will hook you up with a fantastic consultant to fulfill your wishes.  Most of the hostesses right now are getting between $25-$60 (5-12 pieces) in free jewelry per party.   I expect that number to grow as we get closer to Christmas.  If you would like to host an online party, I can help you with that too!  Contact me at jewelryforfive@gmail.com to get set up with a party!

When I wrote the post about Paparrazi Accessories being my "lucky break" in life a couple of months ago, I wasn't kidding.  It just keeps getting better and better and has exceeded my expectations.   I've tried two other companies where I was an independent consultant and it didn't work.  It never even came close to working.  The items were overpriced, and it was like pulling teeth to get people to buy the product or to come to parties.   Paparazzi is so different.  Here is what I refer to as:

So what is the difference between Paparazzi and other direct selling company?  I'll tell you!1.  It appeals to every age of females.   There are jewelry and accessories for little girls, tweens, teens, young adults, adults, professionals, mom, grandmas and any other female!  The age range of females at the parties range from baby to Grandmas!
2.  The product is NOT over priced!  (You can't find cute jewelry and accessories for $5 anywhere!!!)  Business is booming in the recession!  The product sells itself!
3.  People of all socio-economic status can afford to buy this.   Even people who have little money can afford $5 to make them feel beautiful.  The "wealthy" can just afford to buy more of it.
4.  Customers do NOT have to order, pay shipping or wait for a shipment.  They take it home with them the night of the party.
5.  The product is always keeping up with the trends. New jewelry comes often.
6.  Impulse buying at its best!
7.  Repeat customers are created.  With every new outfit, gift given or other occasion, customers come back and want more.  (The last 2 weeks, I have sold over $200 from my home to people who don't even live by me.)
8.  People are excited to come to these parties AND they invite their friends!
9.  People ask to host parties!!!!  Many want to become consultants!

10.  THIS IS FUN!!!! Not Torture!!!  People don't hide when they see me coming!
11.  45% commission!  (At parties, I average about $40/hr including setup/takedown!)

Last month at two different parties I was asked to do, there was one person selling purses and one selling jeans in addition to my jewelry.  Both of those ladies have since joined my team when they saw how much I sold, how easy it was, how fun the customers had shopping and how it would add to their business.   If you are already doing parties, you need to add Paparazzi so you make more per party and get more parties booked!  I'm not joking!  It is a no brainer!

With everyone starting to think about gifts for Christmas, parties are happening almost every night, and people are spending like crazy.   It is great for the customers to get Christmas out the way for much less than in years past and it is great for the consultant to be able to support her family!  Win/win situations!

There are two months left of great shopping!  Get on board with Paparazzi and me today so you can start selling next week.  I'm serious!   There are so many people who want to buy this that you can build a business VERY quickly (especially if you live outside of Utah).  With all the boutiques, gift shows, bazaars and more, you have the opportunity to get right in, sell a lot, make many contacts and succeed.     You can get a starter kit full of beautiful jewelry in less than a week!   If you know someone who is looking for a great "mommy job", refer them to me and I'll get you some free jewelry if they join.  Send me an email at jewelryforfive@gmail.com so I can answer your questions and help you get started or go the Paparazzi site HERE and join by entering my consultant number, #1681.  I will send you everything you need to get started after you register!  You can read more about the business side at jewelryforfive.blogspot.com.

I am looking to advertise this website and a little bit about the opportunity to become a consultant.  I would be willing to trade jewelry and accessories for advertising on your blog.  Please email me at jewelryforfive@gmail.com if you are interested in the swap.  I will want to know your statistics (how many visits, page views and viewers you have).


  1. I would want to get some of the hair accessories - like malibu tan 15, malubu blue 21, and malibu purple 23. Super cute stuff!
    allison1110 at gmail

  2. http://jewelryforfive.com/oscom/product_info.php?cPath=24_82&products_id=541

    love that you can browse by color! love anything purple.

  3. Oooh earrings! I love the 5th Ave Silver 13 and the Malibu Blue 11 ones, and I love the 5th Ave Silver 13 bracelet!

  4. I like Jewelry for Five on FB.

  5. I shared on FB!

  6. I like the clips like sunset pink 13 and malibu blue 12. And I like the malibu green 25 necklace. So many things to choose from!


  7. How can I choose favorites??? All of them are my faves!! I signed in to follow your blog, signed up to receive your newsletter and created a new account!
    My faves? For now, 5th Ave.Black 16 bracelet
    5th Ave. Silver 17 Bracelet
    5th Ave. Silver 13 Necklace
    That barely scratches the surface!

  8. Great giveaway! I would love the 5th Avenue silver 17 bracelet, 5th Avenue black 54, and the Malibu Purple 14 earrings.

  9. OOO!!! I love jewelry. So many cute things. Tops of the moment on my list are: 5th Avenue black 21 ring,Multicolor 11 bracelet, and Sunset Orange 16 necklace.

  10. I "Like" Jewelry For Five on Facebook.

  11. I like the malibu purple 24 earrings, sunset red 25 earrings, and the sunset sightings red 13.

  12. i love the malibu purple earings

  13. I like the hair stuff and earrings. So many cute things! Great presents!

    Emily Ricketts

  14. What a fun giveaway! I would go for the 5th Avenue Black 32 headband, Long Ivory Ribbon necklace, and Gunmetal Wire Bracelet. All so cute!

  15. I liked Jewelry for Five on Facebook.

  16. Tell you one item I like? There's too many I like! LOL I'm drawn to the headbands and I love the ribbon necklaces. The bracelets look fun too!


  17. Wow...I love them all! I would choose 5th Ave. Brass Bracelet, 5th Ave. Black Ring, 5th Ave. Silver 17 Bracelet, and 5th Ave White 15 earrings. Thanks for offering this great giveaway!

  18. I "Liked" Jewelry for Five on Facebook.

  19. I tweeted about this giveaway.

  20. I LOVE the sunset pink 21 headband!

  21. I love 5th Ave Brown 16. I tend to lean toward neutral colors so wear a lot o browns.

  22. I like Long Silver Necklace with Silver Daisy and Beads, 5th Ave Silver 14, and 5th Ave Silver 13

  23. I love those long ribbon necklaces. I also know I would want a flower hair clip, so many cute ones!

  24. Bracelets are always nice: one in blue, silver and orange, please.

  25. I like the gunmetal multiple rings necklace. I also like the orange bracelet and citrus bracelet. Thanks for the chance to win.

  26. I love the 5th Avenue black 35 headband!

  27. I like a lot of the 5th avenue silver bracelets. What a great company!

  28. I also contacted you about hosting a party outside of UT

  29. The "5th Ave. black 16 bracelet" would be lovely! Thanks for the giveaway.

  30. I love the Sunset Sighting Orange 15 earrings! Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. Would love to win some bling! :) my favorite is 5th Ave Brown 11 handband

  32. So hard to choose. I'd really like one of each. I like the Malibu Purple 22 necklace, the 5th Avenue silver 31 necklace and the 5th Avenue Silver 14 bracelet.

  33. I like the 5th Ave White earrings. Very jazzy for Xmas!

  34. I tweeted http://twitter.com/#!/kluckingbear/status/132517321213349889

  35. I like Jewelry for 5 on fb as Tabitha Swain Klucking.

  36. i like the Triple Coiled Brown chiffon Head Band (5th Avenue Brown 11).
    anels26 (at) gmail (dot) com

  37. I got sidetracked when I saw this and got all excited trying to figure out how I could start selling Paparazzi, that I forgot to enter! I want all of the Malibu blue hair clips! Jami

  38. I liked MyRubberStamp on facebook :)

  39. I like the gunmetal wire earrings. I'm collecting elegant fine jewelry.


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