Monday, March 4, 2013

Crafting For A Cause - Pillowcase Dresses to Africa

Ladybird Ln

We have a new Crafting For A Cause and I love this one.  I WILL BE participating.   Project Yesu will be taking pillowcase dresses over to little girls in Uganda!   I can just see all these beautiful little girls with gorgeous dark skin wearing vibrant pillowcase dresses to play in!  I have a few bandana dresses that I will be sending.  Makes my heart happy!

Check out more about this Crafting For a Cause over at Ladybird Ln.   She has links to several tutorials about how to make pillowcase dresses!  Make a little girl feel beautiful with 30 minutes of your time.  (Do this with a group of young women for a project.)
You have until May 31!!!!
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  1. It's so beautiful!!!!!!:)

  2. I read about Project Yesu and my mind was blown! Wow! This young lady started this project! Absolutely amazing! What a beautiful, kind and spirited young woman.

  3. Hi, We've been doing this too for Dress a Girl Around the World! Yours is beautiful, would love for you to check out ours (we are new to sewing!!):


  4. My Daughter's Junior Girl Scout Troop made pillowcase dresses for "Dress A Girl Around the World". We added pockets on the dresses & placed hand-written notes (from the Girl Scouts) in the dress pockets. We had roughly 12 girls and made over 35 dresses. It was a lot of fun!

  5. It's been awhile since this post but I have not forgotten. Mailing 5 dresses today :)

    1. No worries, allierae! You've got until the 31st, so you're just fine :)


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