Monday, March 25, 2013

Guest Blogger - Blissful Roots - Easter Banner

Hi!  My name is Brooke Duncan.  You can usually find me at Blissful Roots, but today I'm thrilled to be here at Someday Crafts.  I first met Michelle and her team when my homemade bread in a bag was featured here at Someday Crafts.  Can I just tell you, something happened with that feature.  My homemade bread in a bag was everywhere after that.  I'll forever remember Someday Crafts as helping me get my first big, big post.  Thanks, Michelle and everyone at Someday Crafts!

Anyway, on with the post.  Easter is less than a week away!  Are you ready?  I'm sure not.  We had snow here in Utah over the weekend, so I'm not really feeling any Easter vibes quite yet.  Hopefully we'll warm up by the weekend.

Several weeks ago, I found some darling chalkboard backgrounds at Lilac & Lavender.  I made an Easter egg hunt sign last week, and today I'd like to show you an Easter banner I made with the chalkboard background.  This banner was so easy, and I love the classy look of the chalkboard and white lettering.  I'm not a huge fan of all the Easter colors.  I love whites, greens, and browns this time of year.


Easter letters printable (see link below)
Flowers (or any embellishments)

How To 

First, print out your letters.  You could print them at home, but let me warn you the chalkboard backgrounds eat up your black ink like crazy!  I just emailed the images to my local UPS store, and went over to have them printed.  When you download the letters, you'll have one letter per page.  The lady at my UPS store was so helpful and made it really easy to choose the size I wanted.  I printed two letters on one page (making the letters 5" x 7").  Depending on the size you want, you could do one letter per page for a big banner, or four letters per page for a smaller banner.  It's up to you.  She also helped me choose the type of paper and finish (I used a matte card stock).  I got four pages printed and it cost me under $2.  Not bad at all!  And the quality is much nicer than what I'd get from my printer at home.

When you get your letters printed, next you'll need to cut them out.  There's a nice fine-lined boarder around each letter, so cutting them out was a piece of cake!  I just followed the line all the way around each letter.

Once all your letters are cut out, then you can choose how to display them.  Obviously, I chose to do a banner.  I had plain clothespins that needed dressed up a bit, so I painted them white (just the fronts), and then while the paint was wet I sprinkled them with an iridescent glitter (you can click here to see the exact brand I used).  When the clothespins were dry, I hot glued some flowers I found a Michaels right on to the clothespin.

The only thing left to do is attach your letters to the string/ribbon with the clothespins.  That's it!  Easy, and so pretty!

Pin It

This banner would be perfect for your Easter party coming up this weekend, or for your everyday seasonal decor.  Click here to download your Easter banner letters.  Thanks so much for letting me take a bit of your time.  Come and see me at Blissful Roots soon.  Happy Easter week!


  1. Such a pretty Easter Banner. Thanks for sharing this! Catherine

  2. So pretty! I love the rustic chalkboard with the lacy flowers ~ adore!
    I visiting from Sumo's Linky. I hope you can stop by my blog and leave a comment and Link Up!
    ~ Megin of VMG206

  3. I love the font and shape of your letters. Thanks for sharing it.

  4. Do you have any other letters of the alphabet for printing in this style?? It would be perfect to make a happy birthday banner for my daughters 1st birthday! please email me at if you do! Thanks!


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