Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What I've Been Upto? Paparazzi Accessories

Hey!!!  Remember me?  Michelle?  
I used to run this little blog and I had a baby almost 2 years ago.  Here we are now!!!!

 Time flies when you are having fun and being busy!!!  Life got a little crazy so I turned this blog over to my good friend, Miranda, and she has done an EXCELLENT job.  Have you noticed her superb Silhouette tutorials or great reviews on craft products?   I'm really enjoying her tastes in what she features.  Miranda has been a lifesaver to me the last few months.

What have I been upto?   I've been busy building my Paparazzi Accessories business.  Do you remember how I joined a new direct sales company almost 2 years ago and was hoping it was my lucky break.  Well, it has been that.   Not only did I quit my part-time job and give up my blogging income, but my husband quit his full-time job a year ago.  Paparazzi has supported our family of 5 for over a year!!!!  Who knew that $5 jewelry would be so profitable!!!!!
I love my "job."  I love supplying the world of women with cute and trendy $5 accessories.  They love me when I hook them up!!!  Not only do they save money, I make a 45% commission ($2.25 per piece.)   It's a win-win situation.  Everyone is happy!!!

I have several favorite things about Paparazzi jewelry.   I love that it is cash and carry.  I can do a party and the guests can see what they are really getting and take it home with them that night.  No ordering.  No deliveries.   I love that we have products for babies, toddles, tweens, teens, adults and grandmas.  I also love the unisex line!!!  Every consultants selection is different so every party/boutique/basket party is different.   The best part, though, is the price.  Everything is $5 or less!   The jewelry sells itself and that makes me happy!  Everyone has $5!!!

I wanted to let any of you wanting to earn a little (or a lot) of extra money know about the HOT promotion Paparazzi Accessories is running.  When you join with any kit in the month of June, you get 25 FREE accessories.  That's an extra $125 of profit!   This is the best promotion I've seen them do in the 2 years I have been a part of this company.  Jump on it!!!!   I would LOVE to have you as part of my team!

With summer here, there are lots of festivals and events and parties/boutiques going on.  I hope you get to buy some cute Paparazzi Accessories to help accessorize your wardrobe!   I have team members all across the country who could hook you up with some FREE jewelry for hosting a home boutique or a basket party.  OR you could just go shopping at their home!  Let me know how you want to acquire some of this major cuteness!

If you OR someone you know wants more information about Paparazzi, you can read in several different places and/or you can contact me directly and I will send you more info.  Check out jewelryforfive.blogspot.com about becoming a consultant.
Read the idea blog for my team at jewelryforfivesupport.blogspot.com.   You can also read on my replicated website provided by FREE from Paparazzi Accessories HERE.

Please contact me so I can help you or I can direct you to someone on my team!
Phone:  435-610-1609
Email:  jewelryforfive@gmail.com

I'll keep popping back in every once in a while!  I do miss the craft world!!!!

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