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Thanks for inquiring about advertising at Someday Crafts.

At this time, Someday Crafts has over:
  • 8066 Google followers
  • 5028 Facebook followers
  • 1144 Twitter followers
  • 4750 Pinterest followers
  • 5784 Bloglovin' followers
  • 10,000+ Feedly followers
  • Many who subscribe via email, RSS, and other blog readers
Someday Crafts is averaging more than 5000 views a day and 200,000 page views a month. The majority of my viewers are women. My blog is focused on DIY projects including home decor, sewing, paper crafting, decorating for holidays, and all kinds of crafting.

At the current time, the rate for advertising on Someday Crafts is:

Button on my sidebar
(includes button at the bottom of one post and mention in monthly "Thanks to my sponsors" post.  You also will be a sponsor of a Whatever Goes Wednesday Link Party)
1 month button  - $17
2 month button - $30
3 months button  - $45
Animated buttons will be $5 more each month.  3 months for $50.

Button at the bottom of a post
(button will never be deleted from post)
$5 each sponsored post

Sponsor of Whatever Goes Wednesday Party 
(includes button or picture of your product and link to business/blog with a short paragraph about your business/blog)
$10 for each party sponsorship

(Includes link to your blog/giveaway at the top of blog for a week, first link in giveaway directory, mention in Whatever Goes Wednesday party, button on sidebar for one week AFTER the giveaway)
Giveaway item(s) must be worth at least $25.

Depends on the item. Must be at least $25 worth of product.

If you chose any form of advertisement, I will include your business name, button or picture, and a link to your site on a monthly "Thanks to my sponsors" post.  Also, buttons at the bottom of a post, giveaways, highlights, reviews and Whatever Goes Wednesday Sponsors will never be deleted from that post.  They will be there for anyone who refers back to those posts.  Keep in mind that any time your button or business name is mentioned in a post, all viewers who read via email and Google reader will be able to see it.

I think if you “shop around” to blogs similar in size, you will find that I am the most reasonably priced.  (I know this because I have already done it.)   I want to ensure that I am fair and not charging too much. I also want my sponsors to benefit by supporting me.

I would love to be able to help your business grow. I look forward to hearing from you. Please email me at to arrange your advertising needs.
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