Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Glue Gun Easter Eggs

Since many crafty people use glue guns, I loved this unique idea for adding some detail to Easter eggs. Pay attention you can use this with your kids this week! Measured By The Heart used hot glue to white out areas on the eggs before her family dipped them in dye. The glue will resist the dye! Such a cool technique that I've never heard.

(I saw this in the Easter Party Link-up on this blog. Have you checked out the latest links?)


  1. LOVE.THIS! Such an awesome craft, course I'm biased towards glue guns...lol!!!


  2. Oh gotta love this. I know just who to forward this too also.

    Thanks for the great idea.


    Bella :)

  3. What a fantastic idea. I can write the kids names on them, so no more fighting over who gets what :) Thanks for the ideas


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