Thursday, April 28, 2011

GroopDealz - 72-hour Food Supply Kit

GroopDealz has an amazing deal going on today until Sunday through midnight. It is a 2-Person 72-Hour Food Supply kit. In the case of an emergency, this is part of what you need to survive!!!
The 2-person 72-hour supply is a perfect addition to any 72 hour kit. It comes in a small,easy to store 1 gallon container and the best part, is that it tastes great and can last up to 25 years! As with all of their food storage products, its 100% vegetarian and contains no harmful preservatives.

This deal is ONLY
$46 for a 2 Person 72-Hour Food Supply Kit

with Free Shipping ($82 Value) .

That's 44% off the regular price.

Two years ago, we had a mudslide/landslide in our neighborhood when a canal gave way. Three people were killed, houses were flooded and people were forced to evacuate. Those who were prepared felt much more peace despite the turmoil than those that had no preparation at all. $46 is a small price to pay for some preparedness.

Check out the 72-Hour Food Kit GroopDeal.

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  1. AWESOME DEAL! Just might have to go over and snatch some up! Thanks

    Jennie {Cinnaberry Suite}


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