Friday, April 29, 2011

Mother's Day Party!

Welcome to the MOTHER'S DAY

Categorically Crafting Show.

where you can show off all of your MOTHER'S DAY Ideas!

MOTHER'S DAY is in ONE week.

What are you creating? What are your planning on giving?

What do you plan on doing?

There are a few amazing Mother's Day projects out there. Here are just a few ideas.Make your mom a handmade card using scrap material and your sewing machine! It doesn't get much better than that! Aren't these simple cards made at Kojo Designs adorable?

If your mother is a grandmother, this seriously is the perfect gift! Remind her of all her family members (kids, grandkids, great-grandkids) and their birthdays with this fun birthday board. See it HERE from A Little Bit of This...A Little Bit of That while she guest posts at Poppies At Play.

This is one gift a mom would absolutely cherish! Pictures of her kids spelling their favorite word. Make it for your sister (with pictures of her kids, silly) or tell your husband to do it for you! Visit Ready, Set, Create to read more about it! GO HERE.

Every mom loves some accessories!!! I love this brooch with three different kind of flowers. Pin on a shirt or bag, it's gorgeous! Go HERE to The Scrap Shoppe to see how to make it!

Pamper mom by making her some spa-like slippers and giving her a pedicure! A nice long massage would be nice too! See how to make these at Pickup Some Creativity.

We'd love to see your MOTHER'S DAY ideas.

Please join your crafty post if, and only if, it corresponds with the category and theme of MOTHER'S DAY. (If it doesn't fit in this category, please link it up to Whatever Goes Wednesday.) Link up crafts, decor, sewing projects, food, tips, etc, that has to do with MOTHER'S DAY. If you have joined a MOTHER'S DAY project to a party on my blog before, feel free to add it to this show too! If you have a lot of turkey projects, please choose your favorites. (Please no more than 4 posts per blog). Link to the specific posts, not to your main blog page. Let's see what you have created (either recently or in the past)!


You can paste the "Categorically Crafting" button onto your blog post. I would love to see these floating around so more people can post their themed projects. I will leave this linky post open until AFTER MOTHER'S DAY so you can link up after you post. Keep checking back for more ideas!!


  1. Thank you so much for the feature, Michelle! Hoping you're feeling well and that Cache Valley is warming up a bit and the green is coming back.

  2. I cannot believe it is almost Mothers Day! I need to send this link to hubby so I am not planning my own gift. Off to check out those clay hydrangeas in the link up.

  3. What a great post! Thanks for all the great ideas everyone!!

  4. What a great link. Thanks for all the great ideas!

  5. Thanks for highlighting my brooch, Michelle! It was a big hit last year. :)

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  8. Very nice blog --- --- I am happy to subscribe to and I am honored by registering for my --->(:

  9. I am a new follower..this site is GREAT..another blog I follower had your button in their side bar and I am so glad I clicked! I linked up for the first time and I can not wait to visit some of the amazing! These women are so talented, how awesome THANKS! ~ Trish


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