Friday, September 7, 2012

Magazine Holder Measurements

Pin ItIf you are wanting to organize your magazines take a look at the measurements giving at Little House.  She makes hers from a post office box because it will fold easily.  You could try it with some left over cardboard.   This is a great idea!


  1. Thank You So much for passing on one of my favorite blog post on my blog. I hope people enjoy and save bucks cause these things aren't cheap store bought.

  2. Love this idea! I totally need to do this with some of my school supplies!

  3. The largest size Cheerios box is what I use. I cut the side/top out to match my other magazine holders then I let the kids glue drawings or paper or whatever to them for decoration.

    1. I had seen that before which is a great way for magazines, I came up with this using the sturdier box to hold my sketch and art books which are pretty bulky and heavy. Plus I don't eat that much


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