Friday, June 28, 2013

Kid's Mosaic American Flag

Remember the Passport to Imagination Crafting Adventures that I wrote about in my Unplugged Summer Pact post a couple weeks ago? Well, part of my partnership with Michaels included creating a kids' craft with my little guy.

Since it's close to the 4th of July, I decided to do something patriotic and make a flag together.


To make your own flag, you'll need:
-Craft Foam
-Poster board
-Craft or Foam Glue
I found the craft foam, foam glue, and poster board at Michaels Arts and Crafts. My poster board was full size, but in this picture, I've already cut it down and drawn the guide lines.
I cut my poster board down to be about 12" x 18". I didn't want to try squishing too many flag stripes into the small flag, so there are 7 stripes, each about 1.7" (or just a little less than 1.75"). The rectangle for the square is about 3 lines down and around 4" wide. I drew the lines so that we would be able to see where to stop, but they're not necessary if you just want to eyeball it.
You'll also need to cut down the foam into small, mosaic tile-type pieces. I cut longer strips off the foam and then together we cut them into small pieces.
We started with the blue pieces and filled in the rectangle.
I thought it would be easier to just spread the glue around and then put the pieces down wherever. But that proved to be a harder way to go. So after we filled in the crazy rectangle, we started by putting down a line of glue and filling up the line instead.
Once we were done with the blue, we moved repeated the cutting and gluing of the red and then the white.
For the stars, I cut some small square shapes and put down some dots of glue. Then we just put one square on each dot of glue.
Andrew was really proud of his new flag. Towards the end, he started getting board and annoyed with the glue. We used the Aleene's Foam Glue which is really sticky and doesn't really seem to dry. Even after a few hours, the glue poking through the foam pieces was still sticky.
Don't forget about the Passport to Imagination Classes that are going on over at Michaels.
The classes are from 10am-12pm every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday through August 2nd. Each class is only $2!! I took Andyroo over earlier this week and he had so much fun! You can view the complete crafting class lineup.
Have you taken your little ones over the classes yet? If so, we'd love to hear about it!

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