Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Passport To Imagination Classes at Michaels

Remember the Passport to Imagination Crafting Adventures that I wrote about in my Unplugged Summer Pact post a couple weeks ago? Well, part of my partnership with Michaels included taking my little guy over to participate in one of the Passport to Imagination classes.

I took my Andy-roo over to Michaels and got him registered for the class. It was a really easy process! You just go to the register, tell them you want to pay for the Passport to Imagination class, and you're quickly on your way.

They have you sign your child in and out of the class, so you're not required to stay in the store. However, I had to go grab something for an upcoming kid's craft post, so I stuck around. I wasn't intending to wander around the store for 2 hours, but I did! Lots of inspiration and projects to work on!

The class goes from 10:00am - 12:00pm, but they ended up getting done almost 30 minutes early. I walked back up to the front of the store to check on him around 11:30 and he was standing quietly by the door waiting for me. Such a sweet boy!

They made these two projects:

Paper Lizard
A paper lizard

Soccer Goal
And a pipe cleaner soccer goal.

He loves soccer, so when we were looking through the book, this class was on his must-go-to list!

Here is what he ended up creating.

I was going to take pictures of him during the class, but it was full and I didn't want to infringe on the privacy of anyone else in the class. So instead I snapped a couple quick pics while we were waiting to pay for all of my goodies.

He's really excited about the soccer goal. He was hoping it would be one where you could hit the soccer ball into it, but it wasn't. I told him that we could put some more pipe cleaner onto it to make it stand up and then he could play with his tiny, soft soccer ball. That made him really happy!

After class I asked him what he thought. He said that the class was a lot of fun and that he wants to go back and do some more projects. I asked him if his teacher was nice and helpful and he said she was.

To see the full schedule of classes, you can check out the online Lookbook. It gives you all the details about the project and has lots of ideas for projects to create at home, too!

Be sure to come back on Friday when I'll be posting a patriotic kid's craft for you!

All of the opinions in this post are my own. I received a gift card in exchange for taking my child to a Passport to Imagination class and creating a kid's craft.

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  1. We did this program last year when it was mostly free and while my son loved it, our store did a terrible job running it. I was the one in the room with the instruction sheet, working with my child (and OTHER people's children)to do the projects. The staff was ill prepared or not even available. When I saw that it would cost this year, it just wasn't worth my time and money to sit in their classroom, alone, with instructions when I could do the stuff at home with my own supplies. It is a great concept and program IF the store runs it right.


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