Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween and Brain Cupcakes!

Happy Halloween!
The first set of costumes were the Mickey and Minnie clothes they wore when we visited Disneyland. They loved it. My huband wore a Mickey wizard hat.
The day before we celebrated Halloween, I ran to D.I. (our local thrift store) to finish my husband's costume. They had a ton of cheap costumes and I couldn't help but get some fun dress-ups (for $2-$3 a piece). The kids decided they wanted to switch to Spiderman and a Skeleton. I just grabbed some of my mom's clothes from the 70's to wear and pretend to be my MOM. That's my costume every year. Boring, I know!

I hope you all had a great Halloween! Expect to see some great Thanksgiving Crafts in the coming weeks! But before we abondon Halloween for a year, there's one last project I know your kids would love!!!!

BRAINS!!!! These look gross on cupcakes! (They look gross anywhere!) But, they are just so great for Halloween! See this at The Domestic Sugar Bake Shop.

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  1. So cute!! Your family looks great :)

    Thanks for stopping by the saying you'd feature my sweater wall art!! I would be SOOO honored!! :)

  2. Cute costumes and I am impressed your husband wears one too!! :)

  3. Summer,
    so cute and so fun to see pics of the whole family!!
    feel free to link it up to my HALLOWEEN COSTUME party going on now!!! there will be a prize for the top three costumes :)


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