Friday, September 4, 2009

Can't Get Enough of Washer Necklaces

I've finally made some washer necklaces myself and it is so fun! Look at this variation by Crafting Chicks. They metal stamped the back, added a bead in the middle and used wire for the "string." Way too cute!!! These washers were made by Adventures in Crafting. I like how she used what looks like some ink to distress the sides. It gives them more of a vintage, shabby feel. New techniques to try next time I make some!!!


  1. What a cute idea - I never would have thought to make washers into jewelry. Your whole blog is filled with great ideas, though! :)

  2. Michelle, I had no idea you had this blog! What a fun place!

  3. Thanks for linking me, I really liked them much better with the ink on the edges as well, it just made them stand out more.

  4. Years ago when I was stationed on a Navy ship. The guys would take large nuts from nuts and bolt sets and if they fit over their finger, they would spend days filing and sanding the nut to make a ring for their girl. It took a long time, but it was a craft that was always available for working on when you had a few extra minutes. Some etched details in the top or glued rhinestones for a more personal touch as well! Wish I had pictures to share!


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