Monday, December 14, 2009

"Creating" Traditions

What creative traditions do you have in your family for Christmas? I have posted a few of people I know and links to tutorials for them. At the bottom, please link up with any 'creative' traditions your family has. I'd love to see more!
Do you make an ornament as a tradition? Salt Dough ornaments would be easy to really create an ornament unique to your family. Little Miss Crafty has the recipe and how-to HERE.

Do you have a tradition of wearing new pajamas on Christmas Eve? Why not make some pajamas? Pickup Some Creativity has a tutorial for pajama pants and a link to the kimono top. See the tute HERE.

Maybe you have an artificial tree (like me) and miss the scents of Christmas. Make some fragrant cinnamon ornaments for the tree to bring back that traditional smell of Christmas. Recipe for these are found at I Love My 5 Kids. Go HERE.
Some families I know make a pillowcase for Christmas every year. HERE is a tutorial for a pillowcase with a french seam found at Pickup Some Creativity.

Do the women in your family have a tradition of creating an accessory like a necklace or scarf? If you dont', maybe you should start with this gorgeous ruffle scarf from A Hoot and A Holler. Visit the tutorial HERE.

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  1. There are 7 kids in my family and every year we exchange handmade ornaments. It is a really fun tradition and since my Mom like to join in the fun every year I get 8 new ornaments. They always end up being my favorite ornaments on the tree. Here is a link to my blog where I show the ornaments I made this year for our exchange.

  2. CHRISTMAS COOKIES!! I make 2 kinds, plus peppermint bark. I changed the recipe from the one my parents used to make (on request of my husband to something sweeter), but the tradition of making them is still there. Hoping to get a recipe up soon!

  3. we have a few Christmas traditions...every year each of us gets to pick out a new hallmark Christmas ornament(last year we were at Disney for thanksgiving so we got Disney ornaments) and my mom started new Christmas pjs when i was younger and have have cared this tradition on to my family...(my mom still gets me new pjs for christmas eve!)

  4. I don't know if you'd call it a tradition but for my daycare kids for the past 10 years I have given them a home made Christmas. It's never the same thing but always made by me. This year it tote bags filled with a homemade chalk board, home made egg shell chalk, coloring books I printed up and then home made crayons. There's the pencils and clip boards I got at the dollar store so not totally home made but close. I've knitted socks, made hat and mittens from fleece, made them blankets and the kids always make handmade goodies for their parents too. Like all kinds of bath goodies last year, treats one year, daddy pillows, heating pads and more. It takes us a couple of months to get it all together but to see both the kids and parents with their gifts made with love is so worth all the work.
    I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and God Bless you and your family.


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