Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Light Switch Frames and Dream House Moulding!!!

Make a unique frame display by using light switches!!! Seriously!!! Another reason to visit your neighborhood home improvement store besides washer necklaces!!! Go HERE to see this bit of inspiration on From My Feathered Nest.

AND while you are checking out all From My Feathered Nest's scrapbooking pages(she's a professional), check out her house for Dream House ideas!!! (If you are a die-hard scrapbooker, add this site to your blog roll. She is GOOD! And don't look to closely at her family pictures Utahns because you will know why she has a dream house!)

I wish I had a kitchen like this:
Look how her beautiful countertop extends to sit 6 people. TO DIE FOR!!!

Yeah, this is her scrapbook room! Makes me want to cry (tears of joy for her!)

Could I please have moulding like this when I win the jackpot? These are bedrooms!!!Unfortunately, her house makes me a little bit....jealous! Oh, to live in luxury!
Can I please have a ceiling and columns like this? Please!!! (Can you have the whine in my voice?)

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  1. Beautiful! I dream of having a kitchen (and a scraproom) like that someday.

    And HOW did I not find your blog until now! I feel like I have been under a blog rock!

  2. I love this light switch cover frame. I think this would be perfect for Mother's day gifts. Thanks for sharing it.
    Have a great night. Oh by the way, I love the look of your blog. nice job.
    Take care, God Bless!!!

  3. Hi, Michelle! Thank you so much for the feature!!! What a fun surprise and I'm LOVING your blog! Such a wealth of inspiration!!! :D

  4. I love seeing what Jana creates...she is awesome! And her house is to die for...

  5. I came here from Jana's blog and discovered a fun source of inspiration!!! I am adding you to my reading list :)

  6. What a seriously fun idea! I'd have never thought about using light covers! Plus you are right that scrapbooking room and molding is fabulous!!!

  7. A scrapbooking room sounds like a cool idea to add up on my DIY home. Building kits that I'm using are mostly from my brother's house constructions that they've used before. We've included some used doors, glasses, and cabinets to be repaired, so we can put it in some of the rooms. The kitchen is expected to be perfect for my wife 'coz she loves to cook. We're thinking of calling a constructor, but we've decided it to be a DIY. Build houses will be a two-year project of our family.


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