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Guest Blogger - Shannon Makes Stuff - Anthropology Inspired T-Shirt Makeover

Hey y'all, it's Shannon over at Shannon Makes Stuff.

I am honored and giddy to be over here visiting Michelle at Someday Crafts. Isn't she just simply amazing? I think so. I am a mother of three boys and my husband is in his residency of Nurse Anesthesia school, and it can't get over soon enough!

I LOVE to create. Everything I see inspires me. I can't ever buy anything, because I can just create it. Sometimes I think being creative is a curse. But I will gladly claim it any day!

You can follow my crazy journey of being the graduate student's widow. Over there you will find all the daily musings of raising three boys all on your own. I swear, I am a target in public for outlandish situations and comments.

You can purchase my one of a kind vinyl designs over at my etsy shop. Or check out my design gallery for inspiration at my Vinyl Blog. StakerSensations, it's the best vinyl around!

Or you can come visit me at Shannon Makes Stuff and see all of my latest creations. Which vary from felt playhouses, to anthropology clothing inspirations, to wipe boards, to pillow covers, to mod podge toe nails! You won't regret coming over!!! Here's a sneak peak of what I am talking about!

Foam Swords made from pool noodles and pvc pipe.

Snowman Ornaments out of bottle caps.

And last but not least my Flip-Flop Stay On Straps!

So come on Over and Say Hello, oh ,and if you have the desire to purchase my creations you can at my other Etsy shop.

Now that you know more than you wanted to know about me, let's get on with the show...


It's beautiful isn't it? Well, let's create one of our own! Get a t-shirt that is your size. Turn it inside out. I got this one from the craft isle at Wal-mart for $3.00.

Cut around the neckline and make it a v in the front.

Then cut off the sleeves following the seam.

From the bottom of the shirt make a straight pin line to 3 inches above where you cut off the sleeves. This will make the arm hole smaller and will make the sides of your shirt straight to allow for bunching of your shirt when it's on.

Sew down the pin lines and cut of the excess fabric.

Take the neckline that you cut off and cut straight across the v-shape part.

Set this piece aside to use in just a moment. Take one of the sleeves and lay it with the seam in the center.

Fold it in half at the seam.

Cut around it, in the shape of a bow.

Then cut the folds. This will give you 4 pieces.

Take two of them, and with wrong sides together, sew around them.

Trim off the excess shirt as close to you can as the stitch line without cutting the stitching.

Take the v-shape piece that you cut off from the neckline. Fold it into a rectangle shape. Then take the bow pieces and pleat them in the middle and then pin them to the rectangle.

Take the other sleeve and cut it open at the seam.

Cut off the hem line.

Cut a piece about 2 inches wide.

Set this piece aside for later use. Put on the shirt and pin the bow in place. (See that awesome necklace? I just got it from my sponsor! I love it. Check it out here.)

Take the piece from above and cut it into three strips.

Tuck the ends of these strips under the rectangle part of the bow and pin in place.

Drape two of them to one side and the other one to the other side. Pin them in place. It's important to do while this is on so you can see where they will drape.

Head over to your sewing machine and sew around the bow completely and then sew the ends of the draped pieces onto the side of the shirt. Sew them right at the side seam. Only sew through one layer of the shirt. And then cut of the extra fabric.

At the shoulders, make a pleat in the center and sew across it. Do this to both sides.

And as I always say, "There you have it!"

Layer it with a different colored shirt to add that little extra flair.

You'll feel like an Anthropology rock star in no time at all with this shirt on!

Don't forget to bunch up that bottom of the shirt when you put it on.

Thanks Michelle for letting me take over the post for the day! I've had a blast letting your followers get to know me! Don't forget to come stop by Shannon Makes Stuff and become a follower so you can catch all my other great tutorials and exciting upcoming projects!

That shirt is so cute! Great t-shirt makeover! Shannon didn't mention that she was the winner of So You Think You're Crafty! Humble lady! Shannon is always coming up with great ideas on her blog, Shannon Makes Stuff. You really should go visit and stay around there for a while. HERE are pictures of her tutorials. Become a follower of hers and you won't be sorry!

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  1. Michelle! Thank you so much! You are the greatest! I have loves blogging on your site! I hope to work with you more in the future! Interviewing you was so much fun as well!!!

  2. adorable! I love those snowmen too!

    Kim @
    party inspiration

  3. That is SO CUTE! Great job!! :)

  4. This is so cute! And perfect for summer.

    also, I love the bottle cap snowmen.

    Thank you for participating in the Creative Therapy Session at Life in the Pitts.

  5. Love the remake of that shirt. TFS.

  6. Super cute tee! I'm off to check out the flip flop straps {fabulous idea!} Thanks so much for joining the Sunday Showcase. I greatly appreciate it! Hope you are enjoying your week! ~ Stephanie Lynn


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