Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Exhausted!!! Links

I'm exhausted. Today, I threw a birthday party for my 2 kids. Over 40 kids came! I'm only highlighting 4 great posts from the Whatever Goes Wednesday party ! Stay tuned for more Back 2 School ideas tomorrow!
Moore Minutes has the best parties! This camping party is so cool! I want to have one! Visit the smore dessert buffet!

I've never thought of PEZ dispensers as home decor until I saw this idea from Under The Table and Dreaming! How amazing are these painted Toy Story toys? See the pez transformations HERE.

It might be early to start decorating to fall, but when you do this wreath is definitely one to pay attention to! Dream Home created this beauty.

Check out these funky ring, bracelets, and pendants and how to make them at Fireflies and Jellybeans! I love the shape! So different and fun! See them HERE.

Visit more links from the Whatever Goes Wednesday party HERE.

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  1. 40 kids are you serious??? I can't believe you posted at all!

  2. 40 kids!!! You're a madwoman! :-)

  3. Wow 40 kids! Believe it or not...for us, the first 20 kids are family alone...then comes the friends. i feel for you!

  4. Whoa...I'm impressed that you posted at all- I wouldn't have. Thanks for the feature!

  5. Your posting must have been made on pure adrenaline! Thanks for posting at all!


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