Saturday, October 23, 2010

2 Unique Ways to Display your Pumpkins

Display your small pumpkins on a candlestick! Doesn't that look amazing? A Few Of My Favorite Things has quite a few ideas for dollar store decorating on this post!

Whimsy Art Studio used a spring an old sofa to display her pumpkins on! Fabulous unique idea! Anyone have a sofa that has springs? If not, tear apart your bed!!!!! (OR display a large pumpkin outside on a car shock absorber/spring. That would be awesome!)

See the spring pumpkin display!

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  1. Hey there!
    I am now following you from Sassy Sites!

  2. Great thinking! I need to take mine inside - the squirrels keep eating them!


  3. Oh how funny.. I just did the candle stick thing a few days ago. I bought 2 glass candle stick holders pretty much the same as the ones pictured, and one short and wide one that was metal, from the dollar tree. But I spray painted mine white! :) Then got small fake orange and green pumpkins to set on top of them. :) I love the look!

    OH and I am sooo loving that second picture with the damask design on the pumpkin! I will have to check out her blog to see if she shows how she did that! Gorgeous!! :)

    Thanks for the share! :)

  4. The second one is beautiful is outstanding ....


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