Saturday, October 16, 2010

3 Ideas - Mod Podged Leaves, Leaf Crown, TP Roll wreath

Head over to Twigs and Toadstool for some great inspiration! So many fun activities to do with your kids (or by yourself). Here are three projects I quickly found on their blog!

Decorate a bowl, latern or pumpkin with some fall leaves and mod podge. It looks great! Read more about this leaf latern.

Use the colorful fall leaves around you to make some fun crowns. It doesn't look to hard! Learn how to make leaf crowns.

Look at this fun rainbow flower wreath made from one of my favorite craft mediums - toilet paper rolls! See more of the rainbow wreath.

Twigs and Toadstools today!

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  1. Love those three crafts ideas, especially the leaf crown. Actually, I'm looking for some hair accessory, which used a recyclable material. And I must say that this is a good find!


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